Flying Colors

by Ann Tarantino

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Artist Statement


Much of my recent work is influenced by memories of moving through water as a competitive swimmer. The connection between the practice of art-making and the discipline, stamina and repetition required to perform athletically is referred to in my use of my breath as a mark-making tool in my paintings and drawings. These pieces also reflect the way the body experiences a place and moves throughout the world, processing all of its competing stimuli, its joys and frustrations. In them, there exist echoes of recent travels-literal and figurative, real and imagined, near and far-from an island in Brazil to a hill town in Umbria, from a Japanese moss garden to my backyard in Pennsylvania. In the threads of blown ink, I see ancient streets, unknown languages, maps of lost worlds, places I have been and places I wish to go.


Ann Tarantino


Ann Tarantino works on paper and on canvas, using ink and other water-based media. She has an MFA from Pennsylvania State University and a BA from Brown University. Her work has been shown in galleries and institutions across the country. In 2007, she collaborated with Kate McGraw for an exhibition of works at Curator's Office in Washington, D.C. In the spring of 2009, she again partnered with McGraw on a large-scale wall drawing and video installation at Flashpoint, also in Washington. Ann's work is currently represented by the Curator's Office in Washington, D.C.

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