Breidalsvik, Iceland

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11"x14" 366 of 500 available

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Black - Matted - 16.5x19.5

Black - Matted - 16.5"x19.5"

White - Matted - 16.5x19.5      OUR PICK

White - Matted - 16.5"x19.5"

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8"x10" SOLD OUT

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Black - Matted - 14.0x16.5

Black - Matted - 14.0"x16.5"

White - Matted - 14.0x16.5      OUR PICK

White - Matted - 14.0"x16.5"

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16"x20" Temporarily Unavailable

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Black - Matted - 22.5x27.5

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Black - Framed to Image - 30x40

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Our quoted dimensions are for the size of paper containing the images, not the printed image itself. We do not alter the aspect ratio, nor do we crop or resize the artists’ originals. All of our prints have a minimum border of .5 inches to allow for framing.

Artist Statement


I spend a lot of time looking at the sky. I'm constantly looking up and judging how good or bad the clouds are, regardless of whether I'm photographing or not. I even have a room in my house painted the color of a cloudy sky. So, needless to say, the sky is an important element in my photographs. I wasn't sure what to expect from the sky in Iceland before I got there, but it certainly did not disappoint. The constantly changing weather, coupled with the varying landscapes, resulted in some really incredible skies, such as this one from a playground in a small town along a fjord in East Iceland.


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Bob O'Connor lives in the suburbs outside of Boston with his two Australian Shepherd dogs, Sophie and Grace. His commercial work has appeared in a variety of publications, including the New York Times Magazine, Fast Company, Technology Review, Dwell and London Telegraph. O'Connor's work has also been shown at Jen Bekman Gallery (Hey, Hot Shot! Winter 2006), the Photographic Resource Center and the Griffin Museum of Photography. He was named one of 30 Emerging Photographers to Watch by PDN in 2006.