Ideal Bookshelf 5, TRE

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Artist Statement


For a while, I've been documenting people's bookshelves as a form of portraiture; you can actually learn a lot about folks by their books' covers. Now, I'm working on a series of "ideal" bookshelves: sets of favorites—mine or someone else's—amalgamated in a picture, even if they don't usually live on shelves anywhere near each other. This set is Tina Roth Eisenberg's favorite kid's books. Tina is more often known as swissmiss, due to the popularity of her excellent blog and design studio. Tina documents all things well-designed and clever, and many things that "made her smile," including lots of children's products, since she is the mother of one and expecting another. As a longtime fan of her blog, I know she loves kid's books as much as I do, so I asked her to pull her favorites from the shelves of her daughter, Ella Joy.


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Jane Mount is an artist and illustrator, born in Atlanta and formed in Manhattan. In past incarnations she has studied anthropology, co-founded three companies and won awards for her graphic and interior design skills. She lives in Northern California with her Swiss husband and two loony cats. She is the co-author (with writer Thessaly La Force) and illustrator of My Ideal Bookshelf, published by Little, Brown.