by Jennifer Sanchez

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Artist Statement


My work examines relational space. Specifically, it explores the idea that space, while having no positive existence of its own, allows everything else to exist. My paintings invite the viewer to experience new and emergent spaces. I use rhythmic circles, sweeping lines and vibrant colors to illustrate a perpetually changing environment. Technically, I like to display all the decisions made during the evolution of a painting, so I leave visible the paint's texture and other marks. These are essential signposts to experiencing the painting's development and my creative process. At this point, I want to explore these spaces by experimenting with new palettes, adding more spontaneous elements, working larger and learning more about different conceptions of space.


Jennifer Sanchez


Jennifer was born in Florida and now lives in New York City. Her paintings are best described as exploding optimism. When asked, she'll tell you that one of the best places for her art is in a baby's room. Her paintings are unabashedly happy and full of bright colors, circles and swirls. She's passionate about depicting emerging spaces that explore the intangibility of space. You can find her work at galleries and art fairs throughout the states.

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