Casino Employee's Day

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Artist Statement


Generally I like to create clean, simple and organized images. The challenge with this photograph was in trying to create some sense of visual structure. I wanted to construct an image that could easily be absorbed and processed by the viewer despite its overwhelming nature. In an attempt to achieve this, there were a few key elements that I tried to incorporate. To minimize the clutter, I shot from a higher angle allowing for a relatively unobstructed view. Secondly, I used the white water slide in the center as a visual anchor, hoping that it would serve as a familiar spot where upon the viewer could always return and rest their gaze. Lastly, I tried to use the flat sky as a means to balance and soften the intensity of the dense crowd below. This photograph was created on an extremely hot day when the local casino had rented out the facilities as a gesture of appreciation towards their employees and their employees' families.


Jeremy Kohm | See All Editions


Inspired by huge waves and mountainous backdrops, Jeremy's career began with a focus on surf photography while living in Japan. Three years later, he moved to Sydney and developed the more technical aspects of his craft while studying at the Australian Centre for Photography. Upon returning to Canada, he gained years of practical education working under the country's top advertising and editorial photographers. Based in Toronto and New York, Jeremy currently shoots advertising and editorial photography internationally.