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Medium: Warm Fiber Cotton Gloss
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Artist Statement


This Art Deco-styled indoor swimming pool, located in Ottawa's Chateau Laurier, was built in 1929 and was fortunately kept very well preserved. Perhaps it's my attraction to the ocean or that one summer I worked as a pool boy, but in my personal work I have a strong fascination with photographing water. Specifically, I am drawn to the fabricated or natural environments that contain and surround it. This image is an extremely personal piece of work as the pool is located in the same building where personal hero and famed Canadian portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh once kept a studio and residence for several years. More importantly, I took this picture a few hours before my wedding reception when I probably should have been getting ready. I think my wife and I were slightly late for the reception because, to get the shot I wanted, I was forced to wait for eternity until the pool had emptied and all the ripples had settled.


Jeremy Kohm | See All Editions


Inspired by huge waves and mountainous backdrops, Jeremy's career began with a focus on surf photography while living in Japan. Three years later, he moved to Sydney and developed the more technical aspects of his craft while studying at the Australian Centre for Photography. Upon returning to Canada, he gained years of practical education working under the country's top advertising and editorial photographers. Based in Toronto and New York, Jeremy currently shoots advertising and editorial photography internationally.