Don't be a crab! Snap up some art ♋

Listen up, zodiac fans, it’s Cancer season and we’re not crabby about it. We embrace every aspect of our crab compadres. From their sensitivity to their loyalty to their great sense of tradition, Cancers have it figured out. They’re the first ones at the 4th of July BBQ, the last ones to leave the Bat Mitzvah. And they never forget a birthday. Count on those Cancers to (gently and sweetly) remind you of what’s important: community. 

And who wouldn’t want to be a Cancer? The Cancer collective is lucky to boast names such as Kevin Bacon, Solange Knowles, and Meryl Streep. Yes, the Mary Louise “Meryl” Streep. But the Cancer posse grows larger with some 20x200 greats: Caitlin ParkerMike MonteiroTaca Zhijie Sui, and Berenice Abbott

So in honor of all you caring Cancers, we’ve assembled a collection of art that can’t be sidestepped. (That’s a crab joke, people.) Yes, just shimmy on over here for selects curated around the theme of tradition. Come to think of it, there’s no better tradition than snapping up a piece of art

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