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Artist Statement


John Berger wrote an essay called "Why Look at Animals?" There are many perfect arguments in there. When we look at animals, they look back-but instead of seeing them for what they are, we often see ourselves reflected in their wild eyes. To me, they provide a particular vantage for thinking about human culture. We recognize them and they are familiar but also completely unknown. This is why I like to pair them with things like language and architecture. The Knabstrup is part of an ongoing series of horse breeds of the world, Tiny Horses Say What. I always try to be a few degrees shy of anthropomorphizing animals. But we do, of course, all the time. The horses in response say: "what."


Amy Jean Porter | See All Editions


Amy Jean Porter grew up in Oklahoma and Arizona and currently lives outside of New Haven, Connecticut. Porter has drawn more than one thousand species of animals for her ongoing project All Species, All the Time. Individual series within the project include North American Mammals Speak the Truth and Often Flatter You Unnecessarily, Tiny Horses Say What and Freaked Out Monkeys in the Trees. She has presented solo exhibitions in New York, Chicago, San Antonio and Paris, and her drawings have been published in Cabinet, The Awl, McSweeney's, Meatpaper and elsewhere. Her first book, Of Lamb, a collaboration with the poet Matthea Harvey, was published by McSweeney’s in 2011. Learn more about AJP through our In the Studio interview!