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Infinite World DM-36.C

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My parents’ kitchen is rimmed with plates from every country they have ever visited, and many they still aspire to experience. During the pandemic, when we were living in very finite spaces, I began a series of drawing meditations that evolved into the plates in my parents’ kitchen. I think of these drawings as my own collection of travel dreams – an expression of joy at the infinite nature of our world and a wish to never stop traveling.

From the rich, geometric reds and oranges of Tehran DM-29 to the crisp, wavy blues of Auckland DM-26, each of the thirty 10"x8" drawings exhibits a distinct dynamism, uniquely tied to its geographical muse. Whereas the two large scale 16"x20" mandalas incorporate a full chromatic spectrum energized by elements from all of the designs to illustrate the Infinite World in its entirety.

Yen describes her process of drawing these as a “meditative form of making” that allows her to be present in the moment of doing, where the objective is to just keep going for a set amount of time, without the pressure to get things right...Read more on the blog!

+ Drawing measures 10"x8".
+ Each drawing in the Infinite World series is an original, one-of-a-kind artwork. View all the 10"x8" drawings in the series here, and the 16"x20" drawings here.
+ Handcrafted custom-framing is available.
+ This artwork is final sale and not eligible for discount or return.

Pen and ink on paper.