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Artist Statement

The Pin Museum Experience doesn't end when you receive your delivery. We implore you to research, explore and inform yourself on the pins you purchased. Go to your local art museum, enroll in an art history class, start a conversation with your barista, your professor, or your friends... Wear your pin proudly knowing you've got the 411 behind the original inspiration.  

Why We Love It

Founded in 2016 and run by art school sweethearts in San Diego, CA, Pin Museum aims to pique interest in the art world behind their designs, to spark discussion. But this isn’t just about making connections, it’s about bringing iconic art beyond elite institutions. Sounds like Art for Everyone to us. Now pick up one of these pins and stick it to your jacket while you stick up for art ... Read more on the blog!


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Soft enamel, single-posted pins with rubber clasps

Pin Museum

Founded in 2016, Pin Museum is owned and operated by art school sweethearts, now husband and wife in San Diego, CA. Featuring work from iconic artists we know and love, as well as designs from acclaimed designers from around the world, Pin Museum strives to create and showcase art and art history related goods to a broad viewership beyond institutional barriers. Consistently exceeding the expectations of a traditional enamel pin or fashion accessory company, we make products that spawn conversations, showcase unique personalities, and identify unique interests. Henri Matisse once said “Creativity takes courage.” We'd like to believe we approach... Read More
our business courageously.
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