2016 Gift Guide: City Slickers with Laia Garcia

2016 Gift Guide Laia Garcia Lake Michigan, Chicago Do I Look Expensive Rosebud Salve Backpack Brooklyn Museum Align Brooklyn Nikes ACLU Fan Columbus Circle, Manhattan 1938

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(clockwise from top right)
1. Daniel Seung Lee's Lake Michigan, Chicago 2. A membership to Brooklyn Museum 3. Silk Handheld Folding Fan 4. Berenice Abbott's Columbus Circle, Manhattan, 1938 5. Nike Air Max 90 Ultra SE 6. A class at Align Brooklyn 7. Mansur Gavriel backpack 8. Helena Wurzel's Do I Look Expensive? 9. Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve 10. A donation to the American Civil Liberties Union