2016 Gift Guide: Foodies with Amanda Hesser

2016 Gift Guide Amanda Hesser Cutting Pies and Cakes Slurp Egg Board Adopt an Olive Tree Cake Misen Knife Kitchen Shears Hot Chocolate Trio Hambuglars Whiskey Ice Cream Scoop

Image not working? Check out Amanda's foodie recs below!
(clockwise from top right)
1. Russell Lee's Cutting the Pies and Cakes 2. Misen Chef's Knife 3. La Boîte Hot Chocolate Trio 4. Food52 solid brass ice cream scoop 5. 77 New York Wheat Whiskey from Mouth 6. Dorothea Lange's Georgia road sign 7. Pallarès Solsona Kitchen Shears 8. Michelle Vaughan's Slurp 9. Food52 Ash Wood Egg Board 10. Clare Grill's Cake 11. Food52 Adopt An Olive Tree Gift Box + Subscription