2016 Gift Guide: Fashionistas with Claire Mazur + Erica Cerulo

2016 Gift Guide Of a Kind Rocks at the American Museum of Natural History Ideal Bookshelf Fashion Vogue Jul 07 pg145 Cosmic Thistle Clutch Kingston Wine Share Khalidy Untitled (b) Lauren Wolf Ruby Ring Wurzel Look Expensive Ilia Lipstick Lizzie Fortunato Clutch

Image not working? Check out Claire and Erica's stylish selects below!
(clockwise from top right)
1. Jason Polan's Rocks at The American Museum of Natural History 2. Cosmic Thistle Clutch from Animal Handmade + Of a Kind 3. Helena Wurzel's Do I Look Expensive? 4. Embroidered Oaxacan Floral Clutch from Lizzie Fortunato + Of a Kind 5. Ilia Wild Child Lipstick 6. Kindah Khalidy's Untitled (b) 7. Kingston Wine Company wine share 8. Jane Mount's Ideal Bookshelf 505: Fashion 9. Lauren DiCioccio's Vogue JUL07:pg145 (Ripeness is All) 10. Ruby Gold Ring from Lauren Wolf + Of a Kind