Nervous Systems 34

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Artist Statement


My recent work explores the interdependence of various natural and constructed worlds, and the systems around which these worlds are ordered and arranged. Equally inspired by Victorian-era natural history illustration and contemporary drawing practices, my drawings on paper and on the wall envision a place where the layers and inhabitants of the earthly and oceanic realms meet, merge and coexist. The work reveals a world re-imagined as a space occupied by new species, plant forms and unknowable hybrids, rendering a universe that hovers between representation and abstraction. Throughout, there runs a current of references to all levels of life, from cellular biology to the birth of stars. Recurring motifs include hand-drawn spirals clustered closely together (recalling dense tree rings or contour lines used to describe water on topographical maps) and ink coaxed into feathery patterns by my own breath (reminiscent of amoebas inching their way around a microscope slide). I reference different kinds of systems in my work, from the delicate patterning of nervous tissue revealed through Golgi's method of staining brain cells, to the emotional ties revealed through contemporary social networks, to the intricate web of parasitic and symbiotic relationships required to maintain healthy ecosystems and the labyrinthine streets of ancient cities. Referencing source material ranging from botanical illustrations to contemporary information visualization strategies such as geo-tagging, musical scores, knitting patterns and cracks in the sidewalk, my work suggests infinite replication and growth, exploring what it looks and feels like to be alive.


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Ann Tarantino works on paper and on canvas, using ink and other water-based media. She has an MFA from Pennsylvania State University and a BA from Brown University. Her work has been shown in galleries and institutions across the country. In 2007, she collaborated with Kate McGraw for an exhibition of works at Curator's Office in Washington, D.C. In the spring of 2009, she again partnered with McGraw on a large-scale wall drawing and video installation at Flashpoint, also in Washington. Ann's work is currently represented by the Curator's Office in Washington, D.C.