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Appleton Street (Final Sale)

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I make paintings of women. They are depictions of my girlfriends and myself in singular moments of self-reflection and celebration. My style tends to be bold and graphic. Whether capturing a glance, an irreverent bootie shot, or someone daydreaming, the figures tend to not face the viewer, but rather to each be in a contemplative state. Formal elements such as color, light, and tightly cropped spaces help create specific moods. Fashion photography has always been an influence and I love to include sunglasses, jewelry, and bathing suits (I often paint summery beach scenes) as a way of adding reflections, texture, or pattern. I hope to unlock something extraordinary in everyday scenes. My work is tied to the reality and imagination inherent in the feminine realm.

"There is emotion in the awkward perspective. There is the bookcase, the french door, the moon outside, the way that you would see it if you were just lying on the couch, snuggling with your black kitten, letting all your thoughts drift away. There is the rug, and the portrait, as seen from above so that you may enjoy their beauty. There is a sturdy leather chair, classic in its design—a first grown-up purchase perhaps—a handsome and comfy corner to read a book in, a reminder that life is good even if things don’t always seem to go to plan." ... More from Laia Garcia on the blog!

+ Limited-edition, exclusive to 20x200
+ Museum quality: archival inks, 100% cotton rag paper unless noted
+ Signed + numbered certificate of authenticity included
+ Directly supports the artist
+ Handcrafted custom-framing is available

Our quoted dimensions are for the size of paper containing the images, not the printed image itself. We do not alter the aspect ratio, nor do we crop or resize the artists’ originals. All of our prints have a minimum border of .5 inches to allow for framing.

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Edition Structure:
10"x8" | edition of 20
14"x11" | edition of 500
20"x16" | edition of 50
30"x24" | edition of 10