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You may need a pillow:

REST. was born out of desire and need. Something that seems simple to do and do well is elusive for many of us. Our minds and lives are cluttered with numerous things, to-dos, and worries that hinder rest, therefor the design of REST. needed to be uncluttered and clear.

The focus is the message so beautiful. Vintage Day & Collins sans serif wood type (circa 1890’s) was used for its strength and bold ability to tell a story. Understanding that color is vital to the way a message is perceived, I strove to achieve color balance through experimentation. The custom ink color is hand mixed and printed in three layers, each print hand-fed through on a Vandercook Universal I printing press (circa 1960) four times. These components are layered, blending into a cohesive, vibrant, perspicuous art print that invite audiences to pause and reflect.

REST. is as a beautiful daily reminder that we need this mentally, spiritually, and physically. It is created in the hope that at some point we listen and give ourselves permission to REST., even for a moment.

REST. is a declarative salute to deceleration. Graves leans into the slow and meditative nature of letterpress as a craft. Using a vintage sans serif wood type designed by Day & Collins in the 1890s, she chose her font with intention to impress strength and simplicity into print. Equally considered, her inks are unique. Each color is hand-mixed and printed in three layers, resulting in distinctly robust tones. Finally, each letterpress print is hand-fed through a 1960s Vandercook Universal press four times to achieve the vividly layered design.

The vibrant, stratified arrangement of letters is intense and contrasting, but blends into a cohesive message inviting us to quiet our chaos, pause, and reflect. It’s bold, loud, and assertive on purpose. It is designed to be listened to, to give us permission to REST.

+ Original handmade 11”x16” letterpress
+ This print is only available for domestic shipping
+ Custom framing is not available for this edition
+All orders for this edition are final sale and not eligible for discount or return

+ Strathmore Vellum Bristol