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Moon Votive

  • $40.00
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World Space Week starts tomorrow, and what better way to mark the occasion than some seriously stellar out-of-this-world art. Introducing the gorgeously crafted and delightfully adorable Moon Votive from Baltimore artist Melike Carr.

Measuring about 3” tall, these petite planets pack a powerful punch. Each dome is meticulously sculpted with peaks and valleys, crevices and craters to imitate its massive muse in the sky. With various openings throughout the ceramic structure, place a luminary underneath and set your world aglow for some intergalactic ambiance. And bonus! Each Moon Votive comes with a battery-operated flameless candle for nonstop radiance.

Snag one for yourself or maybe gift one to an aspiring young astronomer. A lovely little lunar salute on its own or a perfect pairing for a legendary Space Edition, Carr’s Moon Votive is ready for launch.

+ 3″ x 3″ x 2.5″
+ Comes with battery-operated flameless candle (warm-toned light)

+ Unglazed white clay