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by Jimmy Mezei

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Artist Statement

These drawings often come from observational studies, simplified and/or dissected, which produce individual, abstracted forms. Taking these pieces as the basics of picture-making—color, shape, form—I arrange them to highlight the strength of each element. The final composition showcases the most clear and effective use of the forms. The chain-stitching on this wall hanging is a great translation of this work; the piece remains light and delicate while the forms are still solid and bold. The stitch itself is shaped by hand, the patterns used to fill the forms will be slightly different each time, making each hanging singular—a 1/1 edition.


+ This artwork will be custom made on order and needs 3 weeks to ship (but we’re sure it’s worth the wait!)
+ Available only for a limited amount of time
+ Directly supports the artist
+ Each wall hanging is chain-stitched by a local company in Brooklyn, New York
+ Slight variations may occur, making each piece completely individual
+ Display materials are not included

Medium: 100% Cotton Fabric + Thread

Jimmy Mezei

Jimmy Mezei lives and works as a graphic artist in Red Hook, Brooklyn. He grew up in Southern Ontario, Canada, enjoying the outdoors and any opportunity to make something with his hands. In his professional life he integrates traditional materials with digital techniques for his signature hand-rendered approach. A true multidisciplinary artist, Mezei is skilled in graphic design, illustration, and painting. His works expresses an interest in signage and a thrill for life—particularly in the everyday, even mundane, aspects that may otherwise get overlooked. With a fresh, almost tender, perspective, Mezei renders these aspects with colorful playfulness and understated wit.... Read More
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