Black Box

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+ Limited-edition, exclusive to 20x200
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Our quoted dimensions are for the size of paper containing the images, not the printed image itself. We do not alter the aspect ratio, nor do we crop or resize the artists’ originals. All of our prints have a minimum border of .5 inches to allow for framing.

Artist Statement


I am interested in architectural construction because I see it as a metaphor for the activity of painting. My pictures are "constructed" one step, one formal or material decision, at a time. From a distance, many of my paintings appear to be photo-realistic, but that illusion breaks down as the viewer moves closer. I work with both oil and acrylic paints, along with a variety of painting mediums that enable me to alter the viscosity, sheen and surface texture of the paint. I also explore a variety of incongruent stylistic strategies within a single image. In this way, the "space" in the paintings, while alluding to three-dimensional illusionistic space, is more closely aligned with the pictorial "space" of Modernism, always referring the viewer back to the flatness of the picture plane. The influence of 20th-century abstract painting is ever-present in this work. The generic forms of suburban and urban architecture provide a convenient framework through which I can explore many of the basic structures and issues of Modernism, stripes, grids, color relativity and so forth. Black Box alludes specifically to the black paintings of both Kazimir Malevich and Ad Reinhardt.


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Sarah McKenzie lives and works in Boulder, Colorado. The daughter of a land use planner, McKenzie makes paintings about the shifting nature of our built environment.  Her work captures architecture in transition, whether under construction or in a state of decline and decay. McKenzie’s work has been exhibited at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, the Yale School of Architecture, the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, and the Aspen Art Museum, among other venues. Her paintings have been featured in Art in America, the New York Times, the Denver Post, the Huffington PostDwell Magazine, and New American Paintings. In 2006, McKenzie was the First-Place Purchase Award recipient for the National Young Painters Competition, hosted by Miami University of Ohio. In 2012, she received a Joan Mitchell Painters and Sculptors Grant.  She is currently represented in New York by Jen Bekman Gallery.