A Song

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+ Limited-edition, exclusive to 20x200
+ Museum quality: archival inks, 100% cotton rag paper unless noted
+ Signed + numbered certificate of authenticity included
+ Directly supports the artist
+ Handcrafted custom-framing is available

Our quoted dimensions are for the size of paper containing the images, not the printed image itself. We do not alter the aspect ratio, nor do we crop or resize the artists’ originals. All of our prints have a minimum border of .5 inches to allow for framing.

Artist Statement


After Hurricane Sandy devastated communities along the East Coast, I wanted to do a small edition that might help raise money for people. It seemed like a way to offer a reminder that we have a responsibility to help each other after the immediate dangers have passed. Sandy will require long-term rebuilding and mutual support for both families and the infrastructure of our own city. As I worked in the studio with reminders and notes, I realized I was thinking about a song my friend Chris Evjy wrote years ago. With his permission, the lyrics became the subject of the drawing. I think about it often, particularly when things are the hardest.

A portion of the proceeds from A Song will benefit the non-profit Occupy Sandy Recovery.


William Powhida | See All Editions


William Powhida makes fun of the art world to highlight the paradoxes and absurdities of economic and social value systems that keep the sphere of visual art afloat on a tide of inequality. His work relies on research and participation to diagram, list, perform and critique the forces that shape perceptions of value. He is responsible or partly responsible for exhibitions including "Overculture" at Postmasters Gallery, "Bill by Bill" at Charlie James Gallery, "POWHIDA" at Marlborough Gallery and "#class" at Winkleman Gallery.