Aquarius, from The Barking Wall

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Artist Statement


I remember as a kid I used to cover my face with my hands, and peek at the world through my fingers. I could see the world, but the world couldn't see me. Nowadays, I find myself assimilating with the hybrid, a creature I share a betwixt nature with, for we are both between two worlds — having multiple origins — and demand our own realm, such as a Gothic castle, a tomb or limbo to serve as a haven. I seek to create a peace with a conflict of belonging. The Barking Wall serves as a vault; a collection of visual memories that cross-pollinate with lived experience and extended history (of past generations, oral tradition and cinema), and spawn new hybrid moments. Applied layer after layer, these confused memories let go of specific places and time and drift like phantoms, roaming free through the fields of imagination, meeting the visitor half-way, and letting one create their own narrative.


Brendan George Ko | See All Editions


Brendan George Ko has lived amongst the yuccas and coyotes of New Mexico. He's also surfed with the craziest sons of guns he ever met during his time in Texas. Brendan grew up on the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario, and lived half his life moving throughout America, with endless road trips, and faces of so many, dear human beings. He sees every photograph he takes as a document; a document of a memory, a document of a person; a time and place, a feeling and a trace (of something that once was, something worth remembering). He is creating and recreating a history of all that he is, with words, and images, so that he can remember beyond his memory, for a record of being. Formally, Brendan went to school at The Ontario College of Art & Design, where he received his BFA in photography. Currently he shows with LE Gallery in Toronto, where his new work can been seen. Occasionally he also curates shows throughout the land, and does editorial here and there.