Retro Radness: Hollis Brown Thornton's TV Throwback September 27 2016

A CBS Special Presentation by Hollis Brown Thornton

Our new Hollis Brown Thornton edition pays homage to the retro glory of the old school tv set, and the network graphics that made it come alive. One of our fave writers, Maura Johnston, digs into Thornton's throwback vibes and clever composition, below! 

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Craig Kanarick's Candies September 20 2016

Round Candies I by Craig Kanarick
Animals I by Craig Kanarick 

Candy in American culture represents euphoric nostalgia. It’s that fleeting feeling, for a single moment, that you are a child again. It’s such a powerful force for children we dedicate an entire holiday to it. There’s a whole day based entirely around asking strangers for instant, sugar- based gratification -- and receiving it without question.

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Between Friends: Rebecca Carroll's Intimate Take On Leah Giberson's Art September 15 2016

September Shade by Leah Giberson

To introduce Leah Giberson's new edition we reached out to intrepid author—and Giberson's lifelong friend—Rebecca Carroll. We were blown away by the results.

Leah Giberson and I grew up side by side in a small rural town where our first points of aesthetic allure were the warm-washes of wildflowers, garden tomato reds and summer squash yellows—all colors I see in her beautiful piece, September Shade, featuring two of her beloved lawn chairs. "Arranged forward facing in twos and threes" she says, "the chairs becomes couples, siblings or old friends".

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20x200 Artist Spotlight: Joseph O. Holmes September 13 2016

We don’t play favorites when it comes to our artists, but Joseph O. Holmes definitely has a special place in our hearts. Maybe it’s because he’s been a longtime 20x200 collaborator, or because his photographs of NYC never fail to remind us why we’re so smitten with our home city, OR because he’s one of the most easy-going, positively zen people we’ve ever had the pleasure to get to know IRL. All we can tell you is we can’t stop collecting his editions.


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Throwback Thursday: Berenice Abbott’s NYC September 08 2016

40th Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues, from Salmon Tower 11 West 42nd Street, Manhattan. by Berenice Abbott
High above the city streets, standing on Salmon Tower at 11 West 42nd Street, looking southwest toward 40th Street...Berenice Abbott’s peculiar vantage point begs to be reimagined in a modern context, and makes our new Vintage Edition all the more intriguing.

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The Maine Attraction: Alice Gao’s Coastal Paradise September 06 2016

Summer in Maine by Alice Gao
Alice Gao finds Summer in Maine majorly inspiring, and she’s in good company. There’s a long tradition of artists spending their summers in our northernmost state. From Fairfield Porter to our own William Wegman, Maine seems to have a magnetic pull for many artists seeking scenic inspiration, solitude submerged in nature, or a warm respite when the weather is right.

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Game, Set, Match: Hatanaka’s Rackets Are Ready August 30 2016

Grand Slam by Kellen Hatanaka
Kellen Hatanaka is back with his second release this summer: these rad tennis rackets, just in time for the U.S. Open. The tournament kicked off yesterday at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens—not too far from our NYC HQ. Team 20x200’s resident tennis aficionado calls it the most exciting tournament of the season (we’re told American tennis fans really turn it up). We’re feeling pretty excited around these parts too, and we have Hatanaka’s eye-catchy, exuberant trio of tennis rackets to thank.

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National Parks Turn 100? That’s Wild. August 25 2016

Wild Life (The national parks preserve all life), a 20x200 Vintage Edition
The National Park Service turns 100 today! To celebrate their centennial we’re rolling out this extra special Vintage Edition release: Wild Life (The national parks preserve all life).

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New Art! Walker Evans’ 1930s Auto Shop August 23 2016

Auto parts shop. Atlanta, Georgia by Walker Evans
Your walls are due for a tune up, and our new Walker Evans release is ready to rev your engine. But Auto parts shop. Atlanta, Georgia isn’t just a great excuse to pull over for some stellar car-related puns—it’s also an excellent example of what made Walker Evans tick.

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New Art! A Berry Sweet Summer Treat August 20 2016

Vintage Watercolor Berry Trio, a 20x200 Vintage Edition
Our new edition is ripe for the picking! Today’s release is a tasteful (get it??) trio of berry prints, carefully selected by our curatorial team and gathered into this delectable set. Just add our hand-crafted custom frames to your order, and you're ready to go with the perfect triptych for almost any wall.

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