5+5: Roxane Gay. Wordsmith. Bad Feminist. Twitter Queen. October 22 2016

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The Feminist Ideal (Bookshelf, That Is) October 20 2016

Ideal Bookshelf 974: Feminists by Jane Mount
It’s been an amazing year for feminists. It’s been a terrible year for feminists. Both these things are true, and that they are has made passions run high in real life and (especially) online. Optimism has been tested, sleep’s been lost and relationships mightily strained by recent events, but throughout it all I’ve found comfort in a magical little online world full of feminist frenz.

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Pioneer in Blue: New Photography by Anna Atkins October 18 2016

Ptilota sericea by Anna Atkins
We’ve got an incredible week in the works at 20x200 and we couldn’t be more excited to get the ball rolling. What’s got us so inspired? Several days devoted to brilliant, powerful, bold, game-changing women. Kicking it all off is our 4th edition from pioneering photographer and botanist Anna Atkins—quite possibly the world’s first female photographer.

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Freshly Picked! Ian Baguskas’s Ugly Peach October 13 2016

Ugly Peach by Ian Baguskas
If awkward elegance is a thing, our new edition from Ian Baguskas totally nails it. We’re positively atingle over this bright, asymmetrical beaut. That telltale golden fuzz is undeniably inviting, flirtatiously blushing on the frontmost side. This fruit’s funny little protuberance juts out confidently and inquisitively. The turquoise background Baguskas selected perfectly complements our center of attention, which casts an appealing egg-like shadow. What’s not to love? Frankly, this peach is all the more excellent a muse for its perceived “flaws”.

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Why You Shouldn't Live in New York: William Powhida Breaks It Down October 11 2016

Why You Shouldn't Live in New York by William Powhida

Fellow New Yorker William Powhida is back with an extra-special, characteristically acerbic edition that—bonus!—also benefits iMOCA. Presenting this print is Jeffrey Teuton, one of the most beloved members of the Jen Bekman Projects fam. Take it away, Teuton: 

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We’re hiring! Wanna Be Our Customer Relations + Ops Manager? October 07 2016

YES (You Complete the Picture) by Trey Speegle

The 20x200 team is in the market for a stellar, savvy, and super organized Customer Relations + Ops Manager. The role will be around 24 hours per week at $20 / hr to start, but may well evolve into a full-time salaried position if it's a good fit. We’re looking for someone whose forte is online customer service—providing amazing customer support is something we take very seriously. You’ll also be involved in managing operations and communicating with our vendors. Experience in a gallery or art world environment is a plus, but what’s most important is that you’re meticulous, polished, motivated, kind, and as excited about art as we are.

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Black and White and Watkins All Over: New Work! October 04 2016

Stream and trees with Half Dome in background, Yosemite Valley, Calif. by Carleton Watkins
Yosemite has always been a real stunner, and Carleton Watkins knew just how to capture its good side. Looking at our newest Watkins release, we’re first struck by the glossy surface of Merced River in the foreground, inflected by gentle ripples. The river draws our eyes dreamily to the center of the image, where the ridiculously scenic view soars above.

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"Put Up" This Vintage Preserves Print October 01 2016

Display of home-canned food, a 20x200 Vintage Edition
We’re hunkering down for the cozy season and putting up a new Vintage Edition! These canning jars are just what the doctor ordered: a well-rounded art diet should always include brightly-hued produce, and a super interesting slice of history. Besides, how freaking good would this print look on your kitchen walls?

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Jump On Winky Lewis' 20x200 Debut September 29 2016

Lolie, Jumping on the Bed, 2013 by Winky Lewis

We're thrilled to welcome photographer Winky Lewis to our artist roster with this almost otherworldly contrast-packed print. Giving Lewis' debut edition the thoughtful intro it deserves is writer and editor Marni Katz. Read on!

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Retro Radness: Hollis Brown Thornton's TV Throwback September 27 2016

A CBS Special Presentation by Hollis Brown Thornton

Our new Hollis Brown Thornton edition pays homage to the retro glory of the old school tv set, and the network graphics that made it come alive. One of our fave writers, Maura Johnston, digs into Thornton's throwback vibes and clever composition, below! 

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