The Far-Out Art of Jazz-Age Feminist Florine Stettheimer August 22 2017

The Cathedrals of Art by Florine Stettheimer
Today’s new Vintage Edition is ℅ a Jazz-age intellectual and unapologetically feminist painter, poet and saloniste: Florine Stettheimer. Bright, rambunctious, and brimming with Stettheimer’s next-level use of symbolism, The Cathedrals of Art is the kind of image we could spend all day dissecting. Making it even harder to edit down our excitement, Stettheimer herself was super fascinating—an artist who refused to compromise, creating some of the most spirited, authentic, radical art of her time in the process. (Which reminds us: catch the stunning Stettheimer show at the Jewish Museum in NYC before it says sayonara in mid-September).

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5+5: Nora-Gomez Strauss. Public Art Advocate. Digital Doer. Queens Queen. August 19 2017

Secret friend crushes be damned. We’re putting it all out there. When we think someone is the coolest, we don’t shut up about it. Ergo, the office hasn’t been a quiet place to work since Nora Gomez-Strauss signed up to be part of our 5+5 series. Gomez-Strauss is one of our OG art collectors (spy her many 20x200 editions in this amazing Design*Sponge tour), and has made her own significant splash in the art world as the Public Art Fund’s Director of Digital Strategies. Before that, she slayed the scene as the Queens Museum’s social media maven. Someone who spreads the word about Art for Everyone? Our hearts are aflutter. Beyond those obvious overtures to our affection, Gomez-Strauss is also an amazing Twitter and Insta follow for her thoughtful art takes, her sharp political observations, and her own striking images. (Of course, the cute pics of her painfully *adorable* child don’t hurt. Hi Santi!!) Below, peep Gomez-Strauss’s five art picks + five Q+As. Who knows? Maybe you’ll form your own friend crush. – Team 20x200

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Click List: What You Can Do Fight White Supremacy August 17 2017

We were putting together our weekly roundup list when it occurred to us: the only thing on our minds this week is Charlottesville. We couldn’t be with the counter-protesters pounding the pavement to take a stand against racism and bigotry. But we can—and will—continue throwing our weight behind a number of amazing organizations. Here are just a few of the numerous orgs you can support to help fight white supremacy in America... – Team 20x200 – Team 20x200  

Donate to the Black Student Alliance of University of Virginia. 

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We’re Seeing Stars: Marcy Palmer’s “Dizzy” Second Edition August 15 2017

Dizzy by Marcy Palmer
Marcy Palmer's soaring sophomore edition is downright serendipitous. For one, our founder first met Palmer at PhotoNOLA’s Portfolio Review, which coincidentally opens for registration in just a few weeks. Secondly (and perhaps more mystically,) the celestial, starry-sky vibes of her new print, Dizzy, are particularly well-timed. You might say the stars have aligned...

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Do Right By Your Dorm Room: Affordable Art Upgrade! August 14 2017

The school year is upon us, and with it the opportunity for dorm dwellers to flex fresh decor skills. Push pins and posters do not a stylish dorm room make. Those tired excuses for art need to be put out of their misery, which is wayyy easier to do when you keep in mind that our collection is packed with affordable art prints, perfectly primed for a dorm room do-over.

Take note of these next-level swaps to kick any dorm room up a considerable notch...

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Click List: Caftans, Queens + Memes, Oh My! August 10 2017

When the news makes you want to hurl, a dog cuddle is the finest cure. By some horrible turn of events, no member of our team currently parents a canine. We've got puppers who are now in doggo heaven, god-dogs, and furry nieces and nephews (not to mention all the dogs we shower with affection in passing), but none to call our own. HOWEVER. If we did own a dog, we would most definitely immortalize them in one of these pet caftans, so eloquently described with genuine elation by 20x200 friend Helen Rosner.

Frankly, we considered ending this Click List at Custom Pet Caftan, but have to (reluctantly) admit there are other things you should get your eyes on...
– Team 20x200

Never before has a congressional hearing so inspired our boogie. Mykal Kilgore's gospel remix of Representative Maxine Waters' widely resonating words has taken over the internet—which is 100% welcome by those of us (all of us?) who never tire of the righteous Queen Maxine. Congresswoman Waters approves.

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Gorgeousness on the Half Shell: Two New Vintage Seashell Editions August 08 2017

Oyster, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Nautilus, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Bear with us for a second. Imagine you’re barefoot on the beach, padding across the dense, damp shore. Your eyes wander around your feet, surveying the sand for small discoveries. An alabaster glimmer grabs your attention. You bend down to scoop the treasure into your hand. A seashell! Quite a score. You trace its surface with your thumb and quietly examine all its ins and outs.

We wanna be spot on as we set this scene, ‘cause the fact is it reminds us of an activity we’re inarguably more obsessed with: Collecting seashells has much the same meditative quality as pondering a piece of art...

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Gouache, Glue + Guts: Helena Wurzel Paints Her Way August 05 2017

Helena Wurzel's studio: gouache tubes, paper, and jars of YES! glue for her gouache + paper creations

When we’re thirsting for a piece to pump some electricity into our art collection, we’re wont to turn to Helena Wurzel, whose cool factor, bright color palette, and topsy-turvey take on perspective always keep us on our toes. Wurzel’s been part of the 20x200 artist roster since wayyyy back in the day—2011, to be specific (!!!). Through the years we’ve watched her work evolve, and its newest metamorphoses are as refreshing and ingenious as always...

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Click List: Flint Prom Pics FTW + Protecting Your Art Like a Pro August 03 2017

Newsflash: good office furniture is a game changer. The recent addition of a new couch to our HQ has upped the comfy quotient x 900 and made everyone feel measurably more chilled-out. It's also given us the perfect place to catch up on our interwebs reading and cross off some suddenly less stressful to dos (every task is less stressful if you do it with your feet propped up on a pouf). Below, a few of the fine discoveries we made from our fresh perching place... – Team 20x200

The high school seniors of Flint, Michigan put other prom nights to shame, despite having "the odds stacked against them". Expert-eyed 20x200 photog Landon Nordeman was perfectly suited to capture the party in all it's glory—flash on for extra fabulosity. Peep the pics on It's Nice That

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Don’t Miss a Beat! “Boombox” Brings The Throwback Bliss August 01 2017

Boombox by Hollis Brown Thornton
8"x10" ($24) | 11"x14" ($60) | 16"x20" ($240) | 24"x30" ($1200) | 30"x40" ($2400)

There’s something about a Boombox that brings to mind the best sorts of low-key summer pastimes. Namely, stoop-sitting, sidewalk-cruising, and expert-level park lounging. Any idle outdoor activity that is vastly improved by great weather and good music. Right about now, anyone born before the 90s will probably be picturing a key component of this scene: the Boombox, preferably on full blast. Which is why the timing seemed just right to release Hollis Brown Thornton’s artwork homage to that old school portable provider of airwaves...

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