Leaf gazing this fall? Get a year-round foliage glow with autumnal art. October 18 2018

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Jason Polan x Baggu: puffins + camels + bees, oh my! October 16 2018

Zoo Baggu by Jason Polan
25.5"x15.5" ($10)

What do you get when you combine everyone's favorite foldable tote with an ark of animals by the 20x200 artist who drew Every Person in New York? Our founder, Jen Bekman, describes the magic of this marriage below ... 

New on the site today is something I’ve been wanting to share with y’all since the summer months, which is when my superbud Jason Polan let me have a peek at his upcoming collaboration with Baggu. (This was literally a peek at an image on his phone, which he only showed me after I was sworn to secrecy. I felt so special.) Anyhow, it’s a secret no more and even better, we’ve got lots of these babies in stock and ready to ship. Behold: Zoo Baggu!

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Incoming book lover content! Bookish art for all ages October 13 2018

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New Book Pins + a fresh podcast with our bibliophile bestie Jane Mount October 11 2018

Catch the Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany author and artist Jane Mount on our latest Live With Art!
Our intermittently-appearing but ever-entertaining Live With Art podcast is back, this time featuring one of our favorite bibliophiles—and brilliant artist to boot—Jane Mount. Mount has been with 20x200 since the very beginning. We’ve editioned a total of 16 of her popular Ideal Bookshelf images so far, and we’re perpetually hungry for more. In our Artist Made collection, we also offer Mount’s Book Pins, pocket-sized, gloriously giftable enamel pins with designs the artist created to encapsulate some seriously requisite reads.

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“Books Are Magic”, and so is Jenny Kroik’s debut edition. October 09 2018

Books Are Magic by Jenny Kroik
10"x8" ($24) | 14"x11" ($60) | 20"x16" ($240) | 30"x24" ($1200) | 50x40 ($5000)

Didja know that October is National Book Month? Excellent timing, if you ask us—temps are dropping and we’re soon to have the perfect baked-in excuse to bail on plans and stay inside. (Also of note, the National Book Foundation’s slogan for these 31 dedicated bibliophilic days is “fall into a good book”—CUTE.) It’s reading season, y’all, and subsequently the ideal moment to surround yourself with brand new, brilliant art. You’ll want your reading den to reflect your art-wise aesthetic, but of course! And maybe double down on your fave solo indoor diversion at the same time. The newest artist to join our roster can help you with that. Say hello to Jenny Kroik and her debut edition, Books Are Magic.

When she’s not working as a freelance illustrator, teaching as a university art educator, or creating incredible New Yorker covers, Kroik has a keen eye on the world around her. This artist is an enthusiastic and inquisitive observer. Curiosity and an authentic interest in other people and how they play off their surroundings are part of what impel her artwork, and her home base in mega-metropolis NYC makes that sort of exploration easier. The streets of this city provide ample fodder for her to flex her talents, whether afar from a passive point of view or from a direct interactive approach, talking to the people she paints ...

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In the Studio with Scout Regalia October 06 2018

How about a SoCal studio visit to chill out your Saturday? Scout Regalia’s design space will set you right, and our cute Q+A with the makers behind the brand is mood-boosting to boot. Makoto Mizutani and Benjamin Luddy (and one VIP dog named Penny) call LA’s San Pedro neighborhood home to both their business and extra-curricular lives. Their light filled live-work space is a fire house-sized building once occupied by a motor bus company—a roomy, flexible arrangement perfectly suited to their professional and personal needs. In fact, it can be hard to distinguish where the design biz ends and their home life begins. Scout Regalia products and prototypes are so at ease in their household, and that speaks volumes about the kind of work this couple is creating. Their vision is eminently livable and effortlessly elegant.

The duo has been running Scout Regalia for over a decade (!), evolving along the way. Their multitasking practice marries simplicity and savvy design, rolling out a diverse array of adaptable products and furniture—a birdhouse, colorful wall hooks, a stool, a customizable upholstered pouf, and of course the exceedingly cool
SR Flat Plants we offer a limited-edition version of. (PSA: our Flat Plants edition is a perfect housewarming and/or host present for all your upcoming holiday parties, and for under $50.) ...

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We’re hiring! Be Our Social Media Content Coordinator (PT/Contract) October 04 2018

20x200 is a woman-owned, independent business that’s been around for over a decade, and our social media presence is steady with plenty of room to grow. Our Social Media Content Coordinator’s objective is to expand our audience and make meaningful connections with our following. The right candidate for this role is, first and foremost, an excellent writer and superior self-editor. We’re seeking someone articulate, concise, precise, and pun-proficient. A sense of humor is a must! Accuracy is equally essential—you’ll need to be a habitual triple-checker obsessed with the details. Typos are your worst enemy. This role also requires someone data-driven, who’s fluent in analytics and able to apply their findings to constant improvement in our social approach.

If you’re passionate about the convergence of art and technology, and want to be part of a dedicated team that makes art collecting accessible to everyone, this could be a perfect fit. Art world experience is a plus!

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Do yer civic duty and reward yourself with art! October 04 2018

Gas station. Kern County, California by Dorothea Lange

Hey! You! Are you registered to vote? Voter registration deadlines are right around the corner, and your country is counting on you to not miss the cut-off. Go to where you can either confirm that you’re registered (even if you’re sure!) or get yourself registered. They make it super easy.

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Photographer + model night owl Pete Mauney takes a shot in the dark. September 29 2018

Listen—with headphones, in the dark—to Pete Mauney at work on his incredible firefly photographs on these two episodes of Spinning on Air.

Morning people get all the props, but this Artist Spotlight is dedicated to the night owls among us. Daylight is dwindling as we work our way toward winter solstice. Why not use this opportunity to delight in the dark? Our 20x200 take on the topic is more magic and meditation than things-that-go-bump, and we’ve got PM-going photographer Pete Mauney to thank.

A self-described night person who’s been photographing in the dark since the very beginning of his career, Mauney is an ace observer with a contemplative creative edge and a gift for waiting for the right shot. When he’s behind the camera, he relishes his solitude and an abundance of time to wander. Patience is a virtue, and one that’s rewarded this artist with some seriously striking work. This is especially clear in his practice of documenting nature’s summer evening sparklers—fireflies. This particular subject was obviously perfectly in tune with his night person proclivities, but he also chose it in part because of the challenge involved in creating these images (gotta love that). It’s only in the past several years that technology has equipped him with new tools for translating the beauty of dark scenes, beyond the limitations of film.

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We’re hiring! Be Our Customer Relations + Operations Coordinator September 28 2018

20x200 is looking for a part-time Customer Relations + Operations Coordinator to join our small-but-mighty team. We’re a woman-owned, independent business that’s been around since 2007, and our Customer Relations + Ops Coordinator is crucial to keeping things running smoothly behind-the-scenes. The right candidate for this role is a highly organized professional who thrives on creating (and maintaining!) order and is a stickler for getting the details exactly right. The role will start at 15-20 hours per week with a starting pay of $20 / hr. This job is primarily on-site at our Dumbo offices, but you’ll also have the option to work remotely on occasion. We’re big believers in autonomy, and trust our team to manage their own time. Besides, we live on Slack!

We’re looking for someone supremely skilled in online customer service—providing amazing customer support is something we take very seriously. You’ll also be our primary liaison with vendors, which means you’ll need to be a confident and firm communicator, a spreadsheet whiz, and a cheerful, cool-as-a-cucumber deadline conqueror and enforcer. Experience in a gallery or art world environment is a plus, but what’s most important is that you’re meticulous, polished, motivated, kind, and as excited about art as we are.

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