Write on! An Arty Q+A with Bestselling Author Brit Bennett December 12 2017

It’s with enormous pleasure (and a l’il uber fan over-enthusiasm) that we introduce today’s 5+5 interviewee: up-and-coming author, activist and brilliant essayist Brit Bennett. Bennett’s debut novel, The Mothers has stirred readers around the world with its richly wrought characters and enthralling narrative. It’s no wonder this recent Riverhead Books release is a New York Times bestseller. Another reason it’s well recognized? The incredible book cover it inspired, exquisitely rendered by the tremendously talented team at Riverhead Design Labs, and subsequently issued by yours truly as limited-edition art prints (shown below). We’re so grateful for the opportunity to offer this spectacular artwork in frameable form, not just because we truly believe the design deserves a platform of its own, but also because it’s an outright honor to do anything in proximity to a literary force like Bennett.

Below, Bennett’s poetic inclinations and idiosyncratic voice come through clear as a bell, as does an appetite for art that fosters a heightened sense of awareness—of space, people and place. Read on for the author’s hot takes on five favorite 20x200 editions, her coffee table tome of choice, how she sees statues as a metaphor for writing, and more.   – Team 20x200

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Otherworldly Balance: Kelli Anderson's Multi-Dimensional Mobiles December 11 2017

Planetary Mobile by Kelli Anderson

Today’s edition is a grand finale of sorts… our last big offering that was planned with holiday giving in mind, and the very last Artist-Made edition we’ll release in 2017. It’s a special one. Created by Kelli Anderson, an artist I’ve been working with for well over a decade now, this entirely handmade and even-more genius than meets the eye Planetary Mobile is a feat of engineering—and maybe just a little bit of magic...

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Artist-Made Magic: Ceramics, Textiles, Letterpress + More! December 09 2017

This fall we added a new category to our Art for Everyone offerings: Artist-Made editions! Hand-pressed letterpress pieces, ceramic sculptures, enamel pins, linen wall hangings and canvas pennants—all straight from the artists. Just like our museum quality prints, most of these artworks are sold exclusively on 20x200. Of course we love a good limited-edition print, but who can resist the 3D thrill of these Artist-Made pieces?

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Two New Ceramic Stunners: Jaime Keiter’s Stoneware Sculptures! December 07 2017

Number 71 (left) and Number 70 by Jaime Keiter

We’re on an Artist-Made kick at the moment, and one look at Jaime Keiter’s work made it impossible not the continue the trend. Today, we’ve got double the artist-made porcelain pleasure: two new ceramic sculpture editions, available exclusively on 20x200 in super-limited quantities. Number 70 and Number 71 were both handmade in Keiter’s Atlanta, GA studio, and there are just ten of each in existence. How ‘bout that for limited-edition? You’re gonna wanna snag yours stat.

Each stoneware sculpture is made of individually crafted, painted, and glazed tiles, collaged together by the artist after mid range firing. Their handmade nature means they vary from piece-to-piece. So really, they’re all one-of-a-kind! And ICYMI, Number 70 and Number 71 make only our second and third ceramic editions ever. Holy artist-made mackerel...

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Art + Lit Love Affair: Literary Gallery w/ Bestselling Novelist Meg Wolitzer December 06 2017

We're so thrilled to feature New York Times bestselling author Meg Wolitzer's book and art pairings in today’s Literary Gallery. Her novel The Interestings was the inspiration behind one of the three thoroughly cool pieces in our new collab with Riverhead Books. Working closely with the acclaimed Riverhead Design Labs, we transformed The Interestingscolorful cover into a covetable limited-edition art print, and now (who knew it was possible?) we're even more smitten with the cover's super vivid stripes and have a renewed obsession with Wolitzer's sparkling prose. For context: our own founder might be The Interestings No.1 Fan. She’ll be the first to tell you how well written it is, how ridiculously enjoyable it was to read. In fact, after she finished it, she moped about the office for a few days lamenting the Interestings-sized hole in her life. That’s love!

But Wolitzer doesn’t just have a way with words—looking over her insightful, evocative print and lit pairings, it’s clear she’s also got an intuition for art. Peep her picks below...

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Full-time Feminist? Western Editions' Letterpress Love Letter to Y-O-U. December 05 2017

Full-time Feminist by Western Editions

Sick of the patriarchy? Need a little pick-me-up so you don't straight burn it all down? You've come to the right place! Hanging on your wall or perched on a shelf in all its ombre glory, this print is precisely what the doctor ordered.

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Hot off the Presses: Our Collab with Riverhead Books Is Here! November 30 2017

Big Magic by Riverhead Design Labs
Author: Elizabeth Gilbert

The Mothers by Riverhead Design Labs
Author: Brit Bennett
The Interestings by Riverhead Design Labs
Author: Meg Wolitzer

"Don't judge a book by its cover” is a well-worn adage, and it’s worn as well as it is for good reason: There's no shortage of eye-catching, delectably designed book covers out there. Go forth and judge. We all do it, and in doing so we’re giving the hard-working artists and designers who have created them their due. Today’s editions transform the striking covers that Riverhead Design Labs created for three much-lauded titles into gorgeous prints. Each print is a work of art in its own right, as well as an homage to the books themselves and the beloved authors who wrote them: Brit Bennett’s The Mothers, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic and Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings.

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Art + Lit Can’t Quit! Jane Mount’s Book Pins Are Baaaaaack November 29 2017

Book Pins by Jane Mount

Jane Mount’s lit-laden Book Pins are back for good! After two limited-time releases last year, the writing’s on the wall (heh): people love these Book Pins. And it ain’t just bibliophiles and book nerds, though we proudly count ourselves members of that v. cool club. Foodies, kiddos, fantasy fans, romantics, political peeps, nostalgia nuts, and film buffs with a fondness for adaptations will all find a pin to fall for—and a place to put it. We’re partial to using these pins as bookish tote bag flare, but they’re also uber cute clipped to a denim jacket or hooked on a hat.

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Giving Tuesday! A $10 Library Lover's Letterpress Print November 28 2017

I Support Public Libraries by Kennedy Prints
8"x6" ($10)

Book lovers, look alive! In honor of Giving Tuesday, letterpress master Amos Kennedy thought up these incredible 8”x6” $10 prints as an extra-special benefit edition. Each complexly layered print is an original work of art—no two are the same (though every single one is a bonafide stunner). They’re striking and clever and just plain cool. Plus, they’re the perfect gift for the bibliophile on your holiday shopping list. And here’s the best part: all proceeds for sales of I Support Public Libraries go directly to support Kennedy’s local public library: Elmwood Park. Do good. Feel good. Collect good art. And stay tuned, 'cause this kicks off a three-day run of bookish brilliance we're rolling out.

Introducing today’s edition, our resident book nerd (and Production Manager): Carly Piersol...

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Need Positive Energy for the New Year? Peep This Colorful Calendar November 21 2017

Positive Energy 2018 Calendar by Laura Brown
18"x12" ($40)

With 2017 on its last legs, bad news having a bit of a renaissance, and holiday present-purchasing in full swing, today’s release hits the trifecta: a positively life-affirming letterpress calendar.

This cool artist-made calendar from Laura Brown is the ideal gift for the person who’s impossible to shop for: your coworker, your post person, your mother-in-law. But beyond that, its message feels utterly essential nowadays. It’s a salve for what ails us as we try to go about living in the company of ubiquitous bummers—small and tragically supersized. Even if you’re not ordinarily a meditation, mindfulness, power of positive thinking kinda person, this simple, suggestive image is just the sorta thing one can focus on to realize a brighter future. And lordt...don’t we all want and need a little bit of that brightness so badly right now?

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