This Ansel Adams art stands apart: An unbe-leaf-able new edition February 20 2018

In Glacier National Park, Montana by Ansel Adams

Today is Ansel Adams’ birthday, so it should come as no surprise that we couldn’t resist the opportunity to commemorate his legendary talent with the release of a new edition. The Adams image our curatorial team landed on, however, is something altogether unexpected. In Glacier National Park, Montana may seem simple, but this monochrome image of maple leaves is so much more than meets the eye. It’s a closer look at the miracle of nature, a decisive expression of curiosity, and a glimpse into the mind of the master photographer behind the lens.

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5+5: Sarah Lacy. Punter of Patriarchy. Truth Teller. Chairman Mom. February 15 2018

Today’s 5+5 guest is the inimitable Sarah Lacy, a globetrotting, dragon-slaying, movement-leading, truth-telling journalist, feminist and mother-of-the-year. (Every year, really.) It’s kind of hard to fathom a single endeavor ever embodying all her ambitions, but her latest venture, Chairman Mom comes awfully close. On the brink of launching publicly, CM has the lofty—and much needed!—goal of redefining what it means to be a working mom, at all stages of life.

Sarah also happens to be an avid collector of art in general and 20x200 art in specific. She’s got so many of our editions sprinkled throughout her home, and she frequently gifts prints to her friends and family. I’m so grateful for her unwavering support, both as a collector of our art AND as someone who’s been in my corner personally as I faced the myriad obstacles and indignities one encounters as a woman in tech.

Peruse Sarah’s print picks and Q+A below, then head over to our Instagram feed, where we’re hosting a very special giveaway. Five lucky collectors will be selected to receive a signed copy of Sarah’s recently published and much acclaimed book
The Uterus is a Feature, Not a Bug AND a 20x200 gift card for $60. Who doesn't love free art + lit? – Jen Bekman

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Two new Japanese botanical prints to plant on your wall February 13 2018

Small Rohdea Collection I, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Small Rohdea Collection IV, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Today’s double Vintage Edition release may be a bit of a mystery, but the beauty of these two botanic panoramics doesn’t get lost in translation. These images come from Small rohdea collection, a 1832 book by Japanese author Tadataka Mizuno. Housed at the National Diet Library of Japan, the book abounds with illustrations by Sekine Untei, an artist known for his paintings of flora and fauna. As the title suggests, these two artworks depict Rohdea japonica, a species of plant native to Japan, China and Korea. Our attempts to make sense of the text in-image only got us as far as the title, alas, so the rest of it remains a mystery. (If you have a translation to offer, lay it on us!)

There’s a lot to love about panoramic images, but perhaps our favorite feature is their versatility. Their unconventional shape means they’ve got a chance to fit that funky wall space you’ve struck out on for so long. And if, like us, you’ve found yourself with a growing (heh) collection of houseplants, these two prints will fit in fabulously. The magic of botanical art is it’s greenery that doesn’t die when you don’t have time to water. Plants also go with everything, so there’s no worries about working these bad boys into your decor. Small rohdea collection I and Small rohdea collection IV are basically the indoor plants you’ve always wanted—with a 19th century pedigree. Ergo, we couldn’t pick just one...

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Spilling ink + embracing accident in Jen Hewett’s sun-drenched SF art studio February 10 2018

Peak Feb froze-zone, we’ve resorted to the over-consumption of clementines to inject some sunniness into 20 degree days. Perfect timing for a tour of a light-filled, west coast work den! See: Jen Hewett's In the Studio. Printmaker, surface designer, illustrator, educator, and the artist behind one of our very first textile editions, Hewett exudes warmth—emanating from her personality, from her Cali-inspired botanical designs, and from her delightful San Francisco digs.

A connoisseur of happy accidents and perfect imperfections, Hewett explains how she makes the magic happen with two separate studio spaces in the same apartment, her go-to art tools, and a soundtrack she calls “self-consciously cool European hotel [in the] summertime”. (If you’re already angling for pics of her sweet pad, pop ova here.) And when she’s not art-making she’s teaching all sorts of superfly fabric-printing classes.

Among her many teaching gigs is an upcoming endeavor that’s taking Hewett halfway around the world. In October 2018, she’s leading a workshop in Jaipur, India that taps into the local printing legacy, including studio visits, expert demonstrations of traditional artisan printing techniques, lessons in Mud Resist, and more. It’s all part of a dreamy 8-day Ace Camp, a real once-in-a-lifetime kinda thang.

Because being a dedicated artist, educator, and entrepreneur isn’t enough, Hewett’s also a new author. 
Print, Pattern, Sew—which debuts in May c/o Roost Books—is stacked with tips, designs, sewing patterns, and projects to get you block-printing pronto. If making our own custom fabric takes us one step closer to whipping out a DIY wardrobe half as cool as Hewett’s, count us in for the pre-order. In the meantime, we’re living vicariously through her In the Studio interview below.

Peep Jen Hewett's Q+A below and peruse her studio pics... then keep your ears peeled for an upcoming Live With Art podcast!

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WYD this Winter? Artist goings-on you won’t wanna miss. February 08 2018

Punxsutawney Phil has made his annual prediction—seems winter is sticking around. But don’t let a glorified groundhog get you down. Winter is a great time for our most adored indoor activity: checking out ART! So you don’t dwell on the idea of six more weeks of freezing season, we’ve handpicked some 20x200 artist happenings that’ll turn the heat right up (at least, euphemistically-speaking... highly recommending you still layer like a lunatic). Catch our highlights below.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

Trayvon Martin + We Are All Trayvon Martin (pair) by Rudy Shepherd

One of Rudy Shepherd's paintings, now on display at Brooklyn's Smack Mellon

Rudy Shepherd’s stunning solo exhibition, Everything in the Universe is My Brother, is up at Brooklyn’s Smack Mellon through Feb 25th—conveniently located within walking distance of our Dumbo HQ, so you know where we’ll be...

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“Reclaiming My Time”: Gail Anderson’s debut edition gives back to Higher Heights February 06 2018

Reclaiming My Time by Gail Anderson

We're proud of every single piece we release, but today's new limited-edition print is special to say the least. Not only is Reclaiming My Time the debut edition by renowned designer, author and educator Gail Anderson, but it's also a graphic homage to the indomitable Congresswoman Maxine Waters that doubles as a benefit edition supporting Higher Heights, an incredible organization to which all profits from this print will be donated. Talk about a dream team. And for the cherry-on-top, our own Morgan Fletcher introduces the edition.

Aside from her role as 20x200's digital marketing doyenne, Morgan is also an accomplished writer, East Coast Co-Director of Art Girl Army, a Salary Negotiation Workshop Leader for Ladies Get Paid, and the creator and instructor of something called Embroidery for Meditation (yes, this is a thing, and yes, you should get into it). Read on below...

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Dear reader: 12 new titles added to our Book Pin library! February 03 2018

Book Pins by Jane Mount
Collectors have been snapping up Jane Mount’s Book Pins like a bunch of tome-toting, reading nook-building, hardcover lovers, and we are right there with them. Take a page from their book (heh). Get your hands on some of these eminently giftable artist-designed enamel eyefuls, and be sure to peep the newest additions to our Book Pin library. Twelve new pocket-sized titles (below) featuring Mount’s pitch perfect artwork amounts to a bonafide Book Pin paradise...

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Love for sale! Perfect art picks for V-day brownie points February 01 2018

Hershey's Kisses by Andrew Miller
In the market for a li’l something that’ll make your valentine say “be mine”? We’ve got affordable art for that. And lucky you, there’s still time to snag a limited-edition artwork for delivery by Valentine’s Day—just make your move by midnight tonight, February 1st.

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This one goes out to the one you love: New Matthew Hoffman! January 30 2018

you are loved by Matthew Hoffman
Bring on the bouquets and break out the wine. We’re not scared of a little unfiltered affection—especially when it looks as good as today’s laser-cut love letter. Our fresh find from Matthew Hoffman and the follow up to his (sold out!) debut 20x200 edition, you are loved is an exquisitely crafted artwork catch-all for all kinds of fond feelings. This wood piece would make the perfect present for your boo, your bestie, your baby (how freakin’ cute would it be in a nursery?!), your little bro, and let’s not forget: yourself. And it’ll last a whoooole lot longer than a box of chocolates. Plus, it comes in two sizes, ‘cuz love’s not one-size-fits-all...

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5+5: Samantha Irby. Best-Listed Essayist. Sass Savant. Reluctant Cat Lady. January 27 2018

Before reading Samantha Irby’s answers to our Q+A, we knew only that we all wanted desperately to hang out with her (editor’s note: this feeling has since reached exceedingly uncool heights). The ingenious essayist penned one of our favorite reads of 2017, We Are Never Meeting in Real Life, and has us drooling for the updated edition of her first book of essays, MEATY, that drops on May 1st. This woman. She kills us. Which might lead you to assume we’d be fully prepared to die cackling when reviewing the final product of her 5+5. Think again! We’re unlikely to recover from her awesomeness anytime soon, and are fanning our faces over what is definitely the funniest 5+5 to date.

New York Times bestselling author, bitches gotta eat blogger, canning skeptic, and executor of an addictively acerbic sense of humor, Irby doesn’t temper her tremendous talent with things like decorum… and honestly, the world is better for it. We can say this for sure: her take on 20x200 art was so refreshing, wry, and utterly idiosyncratic that we couldn’t cut her print picks list down to five. Do yourself a favor and read it all the way through. YOU'RE WELCOME. – Team 20x200

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