We’re hiring! Wanna Be Our P/T Social Media Coordinator? December 02 2016

YES (You Complete the Picture) by Trey Speegle

The 20x200 team is in the market for a stellar, savvy, part-time Social Media Coordinator. The role will require approximately fifteen hours per week and candidates must be NYC-based. We’re looking for someone with some serious social media chops, who’s eager to apply their skills towards evolving our online identity, growing our audience and expanding our reach. If you’re passionate about the convergence of art and technology, and want to be part of a dedicated team that makes art collecting accessible to everyone, then this could be a perfect fit. Art world experience is a plus.

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On the Wall + On the Shelf: When an Author is an Artist, Too December 02 2016

Brendan Wenzel's
Carnivora print and new book, They All Saw a Cat

It’s day five of our 12 Days of Fesitivus and the good stuff’s still going strong. Today’s treat: a chance to win an 11”x14” print and book by a 20x200 artist, in collab with our friends at Chronicle Books.

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Kelli Anderson Gives Us Some Perspective December 01 2016

Perspective by Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson’s insatiable curiosity is contagious. The Brooklyn-based artist and designer is something of a virtuoso when it comes to seamlessly incorporating diverse techniques to achieve a dynamic final product—one that actively encourages exploration. Photography, printmaking, paper craft, illustration, animation and cutting coalesce. Data, hard science, history and coding even make it into the mix.

Her debut edition, for instance, is a laser-cut print of a digital illustration of an abstracted world map. It has a tactile element and a science-y, cerebral aspect. And then you’ve got the bright, bold, geometric stripes that break up the organic forms of the continents and urge the viewer to rethink their worldview—our first example of fresh Perspective from this print.

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Wegman Wonderland: Take 30% Off Framing for Festivus! November 30 2016

Got a weakness for William Wegman’s pup-packed prints? Join the club. His playful, evocative, expertly composed images are perennial crowd-pleasers. A longtime 20x200 artist and fellow New Yorker, Wegman’s work is brilliantly varied (there’s a lot more to it than well-trained Weimaraners!) and always evolving. We’re awfully proud to have been to able to feature a wonderful collection of his work on our site for several years running.

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An Invitation to Imagine from Design Hero Debbie Millman November 29 2016

Imagine That by Debbie Millman

Debbie Millman wears a ton of hats: author, editor, educator, strategist. Not to mention that team 20x200 has been totally hooked on her award-winning podcast, Design Matters, since its inception in 2009. But Ms. Millman is also a formidable artist and designer in her own right, and it's that incarnation of her mega multi-faceted being whom we have to thank for today's very special edition release, Imagine That.

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A Vintage Wheat Treat for Your Walls November 22 2016

Wheat, Pennsylvania by John Collier, Jr.
Take a drive around Pennsylvania farm country in the summer and you'll find yourself on a few single-lane roads flanked by acres and acres of golden grain. You're bound to see farmers steering their combines through the wheat fields. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a hint of what John Collier, Jr. captured in Wheat, Pennsylvania.

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How to Give the Gift of Art (and Why You Should) November 19 2016

I’ve loved picking out gifts for people since I was a little kid saving up my cat-sitting cash to buy just the right thing for my family, but I’ve got a spotty record with the actual gift giving—precisely because I love it so much and have always set the bar really high. It’s not enough to give a gift to someone, it has to be the BEST gift for that particular person.

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Jennifer Mason's Mysterious Minimalism November 17 2016

Shard by Jennifer Mason
Like written language, calendars and eyeliner, Shard had its genesis in Egypt...just a few millennia later. After a long flight from her home base of Auckland, New Zealand, Jennifer Mason was struck by the scene outside her window as her plane descended into Egypt. She noticed “an incredible rose hue” blanketing the view below, an ambiance that persisted on the ground—a warm, hazy, low-contrast effect.

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On Soothing Shores With Laura Bell November 10 2016

Lake Erie, February (01) by Laura Bell
Laura Bell’s work has totally transfixed us for years. Her landscapes seem liminal spaces, and her still lifes in states of quiet movement. Bell has an incredible talent for capturing stillness, for conveying a pregnant silence that is as enigmatic as it is anesthetic. Her minimalism is more a reflection on the power of eliminating distraction, of seeing the deeper details of environment, flora, form and texture.

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Down With The Big Man: We're With Her! November 07 2016

Gas station. Kern County, California by Dorothea Lange
Today's edition is by another pioneering woman who we greatly admire, Dorothea Lange. The sentiment she captured at a small gas station outside of Los Angeles in 1938 is a pertinent—and pressing—call to action today. It reminds us what it means to be a patriot. It reminds us of the potential power of every voice. Most importantly, it reminds us of the strength in standing up for what’s right, no matter what your means, and staying stronger together in this pivotal presidential election. Tomorrow’s the day to do just that. Won’t you join us? 

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