5+5: Jennifer Pahlka. Changemaker. Gov't Go Getter. Art Lover. November 18 2017

Jennifer Pahlka is busy sticking it to the status quo. The Code for America founder and former U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer in the Obama administration is dead set on making the government work for the people through improved digitally-agile services. Our own Jen Bekman describes Pahlka as one of the few people she’d call a true visionary—and for good reason! Code for America is a revolutionary organization that’s already made a huge impact at every level of government.

The work Pahlka does is a great reminder that there are still tons of idealistic civil servants busy trying to build a better, more just America (even if it seems like our country has recently taken a turn for the worse). Beyond that, pondering Pahlka’s contributions and the profound effect one person can have on the world around them is deeply motivating. Naturally, we had way too many questions we wanted to ask her (note the bonus question we snuck in). She also moonlights as an avid art lover and longtime 20x200 supporter with an intuitive, passionate relationship to the pieces she collects and covets. Below, a glimpse of her greatness...  – Team 20x200

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Hands-on: Our New Artist-Made Editions November 17 2017

Lookie here! That wall above is stacked with atypical limited-edition art awesomeness. ICYMI, our lineup this season has included a steady stream of special editions. So far this fall we’ve rolled out one-of-a-kind letterpress pieces by Kennedy Prints, handmade linen textile art from Jen Hewett, Kelly Shimoda’s spiky ceramic hanging sculptures, a Paper Jam Press print that says it all, and, most recently, rayo & honey’s poignant canvas pennant.

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How to Give the Gift of Art (and Why You Should) November 16 2017

Revisiting these present-picking tips from founder and CEO Jen Bekman as we head into the giving season...
I’ve loved picking out gifts for people since I was a little kid saving up my cat-sitting cash to buy just the right thing for my family, but I’ve got a spotty record with the actual gift giving—precisely because I love it so much and have always set the bar really high. It’s not enough to give a gift to someone, it has to be the BEST gift for that particular person. Here’s what I mean...

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Enter to Win an Art + Book Bonanza ℅ Chronicle Books + Us! November 15 2017

William Wegman's Game Board and William Wegman: Being Human with Kelli Anderson's This Book Is a Planetarium and Perspective

Art and design enthusiasts, be warned—this prize has your name all over it. In the spirit of gifting season we’ve whipped up a so-good giveaway in cahoots with our friends at Chronicle Books.

Enter today for your chance to win two books and two prints from two phenomenal 20x200 artists—a copy of William Wegman: Being Human + a copy of This Book Is a Planetarium ℅ Chronicle Books, PLUS a 14"x11" edition of Game Board by William Wegman + a 14"x11" print of Perspective by Kelli Anderson. Two’s (good) company!


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New! A Powerful Pennant from rayo & honey November 14 2017

nobody's free until everybody's free by rayo & honey

As Keely mentioned when introducing our previous edition, our holiday season has shaped up to be a wordy one. As longtime collectors know, our word nerdery is a long-standing obsession and as of late we’ve been using our words with increasing purpose and ferocity. (Whisper networks really are a thing, y’all.)

Our edition today—nobody’s free until everybody’s free—is a handmade, generously sized wall hanging created exclusively for us by Brooklyn-based textile artist Roachele Negron. Roachele's made quite a splash with rayo & honey, purveyor of striking pennants bearing messages that celebrate blackness, diversity, progress and positivity. No stranger to the ways in which words can educate, comfort and inspire, Roachele's own inspiration came from the messages of affirmation that her mom hung throughout her childhood home...

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Wkd Inspo: A Paint-Splattered Studio Sesh with Leah Giberson November 11 2017


To say Leah Giberson has an eye for detail would be an understatement. Her color-packed, punchy, photorealistic paintings are practically edible in their appeal, every exquisitely rendered visual morsel popping out playfully. The reflection on an airstream? Ambrosial. The latticework on a lawn chair? Luscious. It’s dang hard to look away. Naturally, we had all sorts of burning questions about her practice, her style, and her place of work. Giberson did us the honor of putting up with our prying from her Brookline, MA art studio. That she managed to stick out our interview despite being totally slammed by the flu is a testament to her tenacity.

Did we mention her illustrations appear on one of our favorite beers? We’ll drink to that. Since you’re probably as smitten as us, it’d serve you well to know Giberson also accepts private commissions, and is presently working on a large piece for a live auction in Boston slated for this Spring 2018. But let’s say you’re just in the mood to gaze upon her goodness—if you’re anywhere near New Hampshire, make the trip to Nahcotta gallery, where her work is currently on display in a delightful year-round group show. And keep an eye out for exhibition news from the artist this coming summer!

A lover of Loretta Lynn and looming deadlines, Airbnb browsing and obsessively checking the forecast, Giberson is oh-so relatable....and unfathomably talented all the same. We can’t quite wrap our brains around that, but we’re glad she’s giving us a shot. Below, Giberson fills us in on how she fends off her inner critic, the magic of a good night’s sleep + more.

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Use Your Words: Paper Jam Press Lays on the Letterpress Prowess November 09 2017

USE YOUR WORDS by Paper Jam Press
Sometimes, an edition comes along that really speaks for itself. Our latest release from new 20x200 artist Arianna Orland of Paper Jam Press is print-in-point. USE YOUR WORDS. We could end this intro right there. There isn’t a imperative around that feels more...well...imperative at the moment. It’s concise, compelling, and resolute. And it’s also profoundly timely.

This week last year we watched in horror as our country elected a megalomaniacal monster to its highest office. But this week last year also marks the earliest movement of the resistance to his reign of shame. It’s a sad anniversary, on the one hand, but on the other: people mobilized and spoke out, and Tuesday's elections are evidence that something is working, that we can change things if we keep it up. It’s the most hopeful we’ve felt in a while. There’s a lot of work ahead of us, of course. Enter this Paper Jam Press letterpress print—the perfect reminder to speak truth to power. Also the perfect reminder for a kid with a penchant for temper tantrums (or, heck, your grown-ass brother). Blessedly, you can have it both ways…

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New! Jennifer Sanchez’s Playful, Patterned Pick-me-up November 07 2017

NY17#09 by Jennifer Sanchez
Who says dropping temps and dwindling daylight have to coincide with dull colors? It might be dark outside when we wake up, and darker still when we leave work, but today’s new edition defies the doom and gloom and injects some serious electricity into chilly autumn mornings. NY17#09 will snap you right out of your seasonal sads, or at least make you think twice about reaching for those November neutrals when you get dressed in the am (why don’t we all own more turquoise??). Art as antidote: It’s tough to achieve, but Jennifer Sanchez knows just how to do it.

The NYC-based artist has been brightening things up a bit at 20x200 since way back in the day. With a dozen exuberant, intricate editions under her belt, her newest release breaks away from the pack. Lucky number 13. Like her earlier paintings, NY17#09 layers geometric patterns, interspersed with improvised markings and spontaneous swaths of color. In this piece in particular, black, triangular shapes hover over the other elements, revealing a neat grid design, beneath which dance numerous stripes of various vibrant shades, and transparent milky splotches. There’s no matchy-matchy mathematics at work here, but rather a much more eclectic color equation that clashes enthusiastically—an invitation to reconsider our chromatic comfort levels. Sanchez’s edgy hue harmonies are distinctively hers.

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New Object Art! Sink Your Teeth into Kelly Shimoda’s “Toothy Hanging” October 31 2017

Toothy Hanging by Kelly Shimoda

Since it’s Halloween and we’re all adults here, we’ll spare you the scare and go straight for the element of surprise. Over the past years we’ve released several special editions that fall outside our usual print purview. These works are often carefully crafted by hand, bringing with them a bit of idiosyncratic beauty and expanding our variety in the meantime. Most recently, Amos Kennedy’s one-of-kind letterpress pieces and Jen Hewett’s weed-adorned linen wall hanging have joined our select collection of non-print editions. But today’s a certifiable first: ceramics!

Our debut ceramic edition comes ℅ Oakland, CA based artist Kelly Shimoda. Her Toothy Hanging is the stuff our object artwork dreams are made of—an adaptable, affordable, hand-built artifact that oozes originality but somehow also finds harmony in almost any decor. This sculptural hanging is seriously magic-making…

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Nine Artful Gifts for the Host or Hostess with the Mostess October 28 2017

With Thanksgiving and the winter holidays coming right up, at exactly how many parties will you be making an appearance? Don’t think about it too might consider faking your death. Instead, put a solid gift plan in place so you don’t arrive empty-handed. Affordable art is the ideal treat to tote.

You could bring a bottle of wine, but aren’t you a bit more original than that? Below, nine editions that are perfectly suited for a host / hostess present. Because bringing a good gift basically guarantees you a to-go tupperware full of dessert at the end of the night...

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