New Art! Sip On Jimmy Mezei’s Summer Water July 26 2016

Bottom’s up, collectors. We’re raising our glasses to the newest artist to join our roster, Jimmy Mezei—the multidisciplinary mastermind behind today’s exquisitely oenophilic edition release. Find you some dry rosé and a place to adequately indulge in sunny season vibes: Summer Water will work its magic on your wall.

Summer Water by Jimmy Mezei

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New! Walker Evans’ Summer Watermelon Stand July 23 2016

What do you get when you combine a wealth of watermelons, classic black + white Americana, and Walker Evans’ incredible eye? This pitch-perfect rendition of a summer scene. Pull over to Roadside stand near Birmingham, Alabama, and collect a piece of history.

Roadside stand near Birmingham, Alabama by Walker Evans

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New! Photographer Alice Gao’s Summer in Antibes July 21 2016

Alice Gao’s images are a love letter to light. Her photographs—ranging from expressively shadowed to decadently sun-drenched—make us want to be wherever she is, doing whatever she’s doing. Her 20x200 debut is no departure from that (brilliantly abnormal) norm: dive into the crystal clear waters of Summer in Antibes...

Summer in Antibes by Alice Gao


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Get the Lowdown on Summer Art Shows! July 02 2016

A cyclist rides by Colleen Plumb's Thirty Times a Minute.

There’s no time like summertime to hit up the hammock and dial your busy level down to zero. Just keep this in mind: while the weather’s warming, the summer art scene has also turned up the heat. We’ve already caught wind of ten different exhibitions featuring 20x200 artists, (and there’s probably more we missed). Below, get the scoop on a few of those exhibitions, and head over to our blog for the full rundown. Don’t miss your chance to have an art-full summer! – Team 20x200

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20x200 Artist Spotlight: Jenny Odell June 28 2016

Jenny Odell has been serving us some spectacularly fresh perspectives from the moment we released her first edition back in 2010. Since then, we’ve featured a number of her captivating collages, including all sorts of way-above-bird’s-eye views of swimming pools, airplanes, circular farms and so much more. If you’re unfamiliar with Odell’s work, it might make sense to describe it is as a series of collections. Scouring Google Satellite View, Odell finds and isolates similar structures and infrastructures, reassembling them in puzzle-like formations against a unified background. Seen from so far above, these decontextualized groupings remind us of human impact, approaching the built environment like a wellspring of magnificent, fragile minutiae. Did we mention that Odell’s editions are downright beautiful too? In Odell’s world, waste ponds look like seaglass and industrial buildings become jewelry beads.

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New! Capture Summer Forever With Christian Chaize June 21 2016

Who better to usher in the official start of summer than our own Christian Chaize? Today’s release, Praia Piquinia 19/08/15 12h16, is even more adored by the 20x200 team for its nod to our very first Chaize release...

Praia Piquinia 19/08/15 12h16 by Christian Chaize


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Press Mention Attention: Redfin June 17 2016

If you’ve been angling for some art to add the finishing touches to your home, you may be all too familiar with the challenge that can present. The journey to getting one’s shit together can be a complicated one, especially when it comes to something as deeply personal and ambiance-affecting as art. Luckily, our friends at Redfin assembled this guide to the best places to buy art online—featuring yours truly!

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New Art Alert! Bikes, Boats and Sundays in the Park June 16 2016

Our new edition from Marjory Collins is sure to put you in a summer state of mind. Check out Washington, D.C. Sunday cyclists watching sailboats, below.

Washington, D.C. Sunday cyclists watching sailboats by Marjory Collins


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All the Art That's Fit to Print: 20x200 In the News June 07 2016

"Art for everyone" is our mantra, and making that ambitious idea a reality was the impetus behind Jen Bekman’s decision to found 20x200 almost nine (!!) years ago. It's an idea that resonates with each of us, and it turns out lots of other people are on board with the idea too. We're pleased as punch to have had our art featured recently in all these great publications, and awfully proud too. We love seeing other people recognize the power of art!

Like spring flora, our art has been popping up all over the place, in print and online. We couldn’t be more thrilled to share these features with you. From Cup of Jo to GOOP, see what editors and designers have said about us and the 20x200 editions they have their eyes on...


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Lucy Kalanithi's Home Makeover June 06 2016

After the passing of Lucy Kalanithi’s late husband—Paul Kalanithi, a neurosurgeon whose memoir about dying was published to great acclaim shortly after his death—her sister (and stylish blogger extraordinaire) Joanna Goddard teamed up with Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook to treat Lucy to a terrific home makeover. Their updates totally transformed the space, and helped Lucy and her daughter take next steps toward a fresh start.

We were thrilled to be part of such a wonderful project. We’ve been friends and admirers of Joanna and Jenny K. for quite some time, ever inspired by their impeccable taste and grounded Internet presence. It was through Lucy’s eloquence on the subject of her recent loss that we felt we got to know her as well. We loved having Lucy and Cady select 20x200 art for their refreshed space, including editions from Dylan Fareed, Kurt Tong and more!

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