New York City Like You’ve Never Seen Her February 09 2017

New York skyline, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

This #tbt Vintage Edition goes out to all our fellow NYCers (and anyone else who has as soft spot for the city that never sleeps).

Irving Underhill captured this New York skyline in 1911, a little over a decade after the modern five boroughs were brought together into a single metropolis. Underhill, one of the preeminent commercial photographers at the time, worked out of a studio in Lower Manhattan but lived in Jersey City—just across the Hudson River. The particular vantage point of this downtown NYC scene suggests the photographer likely shot this image near his New Jersey digs.

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Corey Drieth’s Secret Love Is Ready to Romance Your Walls February 07 2017

My Secret Love #2 by Corey Drieth
Love is in the air, and we have Corey Drieth’s new edition to thank. Sure, Valentine’s Day is a week away so you’d think the holiday would be to blame for the hearts in our eyes, but team 20x200 is atwitter with affection for this abstraction: My Secret Love #2. (You should have guessed our butterflies would be the product of some hardcore, G-rated art amour.)

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These Valentine's Day Gifts Are Delightfully Different February 03 2017

On a gift mission for Valentine’s Day? Your bae is a rare bird. Don’t settle for sad velvet-clad chocolate or a last-minute bodega bouquet. Our insider intel: The Colossal Shop is a cornucopia of quirky, cleverly designed, creative gift ideas. We flagged a few of our favorites for Valentine’s (but don’t blame us if you end up shopping for yourself while you’re browsing their bonanza).

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A Delectable Selection from April, Queen of Donuts February 01 2017

A Dozen Dynamic Donuts by April Walters

This newsletter should probably come with a warning. [Caution: contents may cause acute craving for fried confections.] But we figured it was only fair if you had to suffer alongside us.

Our growing collection of April Walters’ donut watercolors continues to stir up mixed emotions. Should we be resolute in objectively appreciating the artistry of her editions? Should we luxuriate in her sumptuous use of color and lush brushstrokes? Should we marvel at her ability to hover between realistic rendering and fantasy image-making? Should we stare and salivate? Should we leave the room, head down the block, purchase a dozen donuts and consume them on the street corner? So many questions.

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Literary Gallery: Maria Popova’s Book + Art Pairings January 19 2017

This week is one for the books. On Tuesday we re-released Jane Mount'Book Pins for a limited time only, back by popular demand (BTW, it’s your last day to snag one). This am, the lit & art loving continues with a fantastic new feature courtesy of Maria Popova, writer, reader and the force behind one of our favorite websites: Brain Pickings.

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Beach Noir: Amanda Friedman’s SoCal Nightscape January 12 2017

Santa Monica #1 by Amanda Friedman
Amanda Friedman’s badass body of work runs the gamut from editorial fashion images, to travel photography, to portraits of A-list celebrities, but it’s her straight-up spellbinding study of night landscapes from which we plucked her debut edition, Santa Monica #1. The series was sparked by an impromptu shoot on a rare foggy evening in upstate NY. Looking over the images that evolved from this spur-of-the-moment photo session, the artist was struck by their eerie magnetism. Her subsequent move to Los Angeles meant a chance to turn an experiment that started with a few rolls of film into an extended project.

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Wanna Support the Arts? Peep These Cool Non-Profits + Orgs January 07 2017

Supported by Ky Anderson
Since Day 1, we’ve been art evangelists of the most enthusiastic variety. We’re fierce believers in the transformative power of art, that everyone—no matter their means—should have the opportunity to live with and experience art, and that artists should be able to make a living creating art. Every time you collect a 20x200 edition, a portion of the proceeds goes directly toward supporting our artists and their work. Even our Vintage + Space Editions play a part in allowing us to expand our artist roster and fund future projects.

We turn to the pros to help uphold art and make it more accessible to the public. There’s a lot of work to be done to protect existing arts programs, and to ensure future support for the arts is able to further broaden its reach. As inauguration date closes in on us, we’re eager to get extra involved in the effort to safeguard these organizations—especially those advocating for marginalized groups staring directly down the barrel of bigotry.

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Earth to Collectors: New Sci-Fi Space Art Coming ‘Atcha January 05 2017

Cylinder Endcap AC75-1883 1920, a 20x200 Space Edition
We're launching into 2017 with a new Space Edition! To intro this striking sci-fi fantasy we reached out to someone with expertise in atypical (even outright futuristic) urban design: writer and teacher Fred Scharmen. His design research firm, the Working Group on Adaptive Systems, explores the utopian and speculative projects at the fringes of traditional architectural practice—from pillow forts to space colonies like the one envisioned in today's edition.

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Valerie Roybal Makes Collage Magic (+ New Art!) January 03 2017

All the Past and Futures by Valerie Roybal
In All the Past and Futures, Valerie Roybal masterfully mixes plant life, honeybees, gemlike shapes, calligraphic script and a myriad of other mysterious objects, half-hidden in her diaphanous layers of collage. Some details in the image are in sharp focus, others a soft blur, but all the bits and pieces form carefully crafted phrases in this edition’s visual poetry.

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The Last Days of Disco: New Art Fit for the Dance Floor December 29 2016

The Last Days of Disco by Hollis Brown Thornton
Spoiler alert: New Year’s Eve is usually a little disappointing. You get all dressed up in your sparkliest duds, spend too much money on plans that have a high probability of going astray, and if you’re anything like us you top it all off with a mondo champagne headache for your sins. Luckily, we’ve got Hollis Brown Thornton’s newest edition in our celebration arsenal this year, and it lives up to all its glittery glory.

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