#RESIST March 16 2017

Resist. by Edel Rodriguez
10"x8" ($24) | 14"x11" ($60) | 20"x16" ($240) | 30"x24" ($1200)

Thrilled, delighted, honored, excited, over-the-moon, proud… all of these are words I’ve used in preface to debuting new artists and editions on the site, and I’ve always used them most sincerely. Sharing new work with our collectors is one of my greatest joys in life, and that our artists have entrusted us to present their passions and ideas is a true privilege. Today, I’m all of the above and more, as our newest edition—Resist., by artist and designer Edel Rodriguez—is an urgent exhortation to stand up for our joys and freedoms.

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Intro’ing Horace Pippin! Step Inside this Domestic Sanctuary March 14 2017

Victorian Interior II by Horace Pippin
Our new edition release is right on cue to up the cozy factor for those of us currently battling winter storm Stella. And by battling we mean wearing sweatpants, working from home, and rationalizing the consumption of enormous quantities of hot chocolate.

What better time to take a hit of art history than mid-blizzard? If you don’t know Horace Pippin’s name, do yourself a solid and click below for the 411 on the painter—whose story reads like a cinematic triumph—and today’s compelling print.

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Bright Delight: In the Studio with Kindah Khalidy March 11 2017


Step into Kindah Khalidy’s artmaking HQ and there's a high probability you'll consider setting up camp. One look at her airy, paint-spattered Mission studio calls to mind the color-packed pieces she creates. Her free-wheeling artworks are the ultimate sight for sore eyes—we’d go so far as to say they're utterly uplifting. Below, the Bay Area based artist gives us the 411 on her creative process, how to set aside space for inspiration, and her very relatable relationship to that crucial AM cup of coffee (+ so much more).   

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Pro Tips! How to Kickstart + Keep Track of Your Art Collection March 07 2017

Jen Bekman's NYC apartment, featuring LOTS of art
Our fearless founder and head curator Jen Bekman has some boss-level insider insights on art collecting. Read on for how to track down art that's right up your alley, stay in the know on what's new, and keep tabs on your growing collection...

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Set Yourself in Henry Farrer's Serene Winter Scene March 02 2017

Winter Scene in Moonlight by Henry Farrer
March typically means the last vestiges of winter, though the weather we’ve been having in NYC might suggest Jack Frost has been hitting snooze this season. Never fear: we’ve got your winter wonderland right here.

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Lose Yourself in Margaret Withers’ World: A Bright Debut Edition February 28 2017

from this thought a hazy question by Margaret Ann Withers
Week off to a slow start? We’re introducing Margaret Ann Withers with the colorful cure for all that ails you. Withers’ intricate edition is atingle with energy—plenty to power you through everything from a work slump, to news fatigue, to the Sunday blues. The ultimate eye-entertainer, this print is packed with clues, treasures and curiosities.

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Happy Birthday, Grand Canyon Nat’l Park! February 25 2017

Grand Canyon National Park, a free government service, a 20x200 Vintage Edition
HBD to Grand Canyon National Park! Tomorrow is the 98th anniversary of its official designation. The 15th oldest park in the history of the National Park Service, Grand Canyon National Park is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and is widely regarded as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. We’re pretty sure that title’s well deserved—carved out by the Colorado River, the canyon measures a whopping 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and over a mile deep. Eye-catching doesn’t quite cut it.

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We Can Do Better. February 23 2017

Signs in the windows of a Marcus Garvey club in the Harlem area by Gordon Parks
We’ve never shied away from voicing our progressive political opinions around here; these opinions are often expressed in the art itself and/or in the essays that accompany them. We’re proud of the values that drive these choices, but we’ve fallen short in expressing those values in one crucial way: namely via the diversity of our artist roster. People of color are really underrepresented, and we’re especially lacking when it comes to Black contemporary artists.

That underrepresentation is something we’re actively working to address. We’re taking a fresh approach as we search for new artists to collaborate with, and you can expect to see a broader range of artists represented going forward. We’re super grateful to have an amazing array of resources to guide us, and wanted to share some of them with you.

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We Are All Trayvon Martin February 21 2017

Trayvon Martin + We Are All Trayvon Martin (pair) by Rudy Shepherd
It’s about time. We’ve been following fellow New Yorker Rudy Shepherd’s work for a while now and couldn’t be prouder to present his debut edition—a pair of images that prove the power of context and the ability of art to awaken.

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Image as Activism: Gordon Parks’ Focus on the Finer Points February 18 2017

Signs in the windows of a Marcus Garvey club in the Harlem area by Gordon Parks
It could be said that Gordon Parks' specialty was telling unexpected visual stories with exceptional eloquence. A pioneering film director, composer and writer, Parks was a bonafide polymath but is best remembered for his work in the field of documentary photojournalism. One of his most iconic images—Washington, D.C. Government charwoman—was created during his tenure with the photography program of the Farm Security Administration, along with numerous other stunning if less widely known images. Today's release is one of those lesser-known gems. 

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