Art Mixtape: Martine Gutierrez October 14 2017

If you're curious what it would feel like to possess natural cool factor 1) join the club and 2) ask Martine Gutierrez. She'll probably crack a smile and quietly protest the description, but don't be deceived: this Brooklyn-based multimedia artist is a force to be reckoned with. Through video, photography, music and performance, Gutierrez takes a disarming and eclectic approach to grappling with sticky subjects like gender binaries and the colonization of indigenous traditions, honing her sensitivity to nuance along the way. It's that sensitivity that makes her the perfect person to call the shots for the next installation of our Art Mixtape series. Below, her art+music pairings speak for themselves...

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Art Mixtape! South Africa’s Spoek Mathambo Sounds Off May 27 2017

Art Mixtape is back with more art and music marriage magic. Today's installation is courtesy of uber-talented South African multihyphenate Spoek Mathambo. A musician, artist, producer, DJ, filmmaker, and all-around inimitable iconoclast, Mathambo also coined the terms Guzu (based on Zulu guitar music) and Township Tech (electronic club music), to describe the two styles of music he producers.

This Art Mixtape is served with a twist—Mathambo chose to mix it up and share his thoughts on his pairings, giving some fascinating context for his music + art matchmaking. Get a taste below, then head over to our blog for the main course.

P.S. Want framed art delivered for Father’s Day? Your last chance to order in time for guaranteed arrival is this Monday, 5/29/17.
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Music + Art Share the Stage! Feat. Picks from a Hamilton Performer April 29 2017

You’re gonna want to tune into what we’re broadcasting from 20x200 HQ today. Introducing Art Mixtape, in which we enlist expert input to match music and art. In this series, music pros hand-pick and pair songs with 20x200 editions, relying on their synchronicity to reveal new, awesome, and unexpected things about each work.

To kick off the inaugural installation of Art Mixtape, we’ve solicited the help of super-talented Syndee Winters—singer, songwriter, actor, and performer in numerous Broadway musicals, including
Hamilton, an American Musical (excuse us while we uberfan over here). Below, get the full ensemble of Syndee’s pairings.

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