Art Mixtape! South Africa’s Spoek Mathambo Sounds Off May 27 2017

Music + Art Share the Stage! Feat. Picks from a Hamilton Performer April 29 2017

You’re gonna want to tune into what we’re broadcasting from 20x200 HQ today. Introducing Art Mixtape, in which we enlist expert input to match music and art. In this series, music pros hand-pick and pair songs with 20x200 editions, relying on their synchronicity to reveal new, awesome, and unexpected things about each work.

To kick off the inaugural installation of Art Mixtape, we’ve solicited the help of super-talented Syndee Winters—singer, songwriter, actor, and performer in numerous Broadway musicals, including
Hamilton, an American Musical (excuse us while we uberfan over here). Below, get the full ensemble of Syndee’s pairings.

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