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Sound advice: the CEO of Sub Pop Records picks songs + prints



Raise your hand if you’d like to see some mental reprieve on the weekend menu. Right there with you! For us, that’s where the arts come in—and we mean plural. Visual art, of course, but lit, music, dance, even the culinary arts all pack a punch when we’re pining for inner peace. Our guest-curated Art Mixtapes are a stress-relieving power combo of song and art pairings. As Megan Jasper (the mind behind our newest installment in the series) puts it, “a song has the power to change your mood, your mind, and your day.” We feel the same way about art. Put the two together and you’ve got something supercharged.

Jasper is the CEO of Sub Pop Records, so it’s an understatement to say she knows her stuff. Her song selects—and the cool spread of 20x200 artworks she matched them with—are appropriately excellent. There’s Michael Kiwanuka in the mix, Fiona Apple, the necessary Nina Simone, a little Le Ren, and more. As usual with our Art Mixtapes, Jasper’s medley leads a double life as a pro-vetted list of good listening recs. And who couldn’t use some high-quality auditory distraction to help tune out the hot mess we’re in the midst of? Read on! — Team 20x200


Music has always been the dominant art form in my life. I love that within a few seconds, a song has the power to change your mood, your mind, and your day. When we put images to these feelings, we open our imaginations and start a brand new story. I loved pairing these songs with images; it was a super fun exercise! — Megan Jasper

1. Black Marble (north America), a 20x200 Space Edition paired with Wildfires by SAULT


2. Untitled (b) by Kindah Khalidy paired with Sit Down It's Time for Dinner by Wolfgang & Hannah Jadagu


3. Fireflies under the full moon along the White Clay Kill, Tivoli, NY 7/9/14 by Pete Mauney paired with If You Knew by Nina Simone


4. Flowers in a Glass Bowl by Rachel Ruysch paired with White Daisy, Lace Gloves by Lael Neale


5. Sugarcoat by Michelle Hinebrook paired with I Want You To Love Me by Fiona Apple


6. jsc2012e052683 by Donald Pettit paired with You Ain't The Problem by Michael Kiwanuka


7. A baseball game, Dailey, W. Va. by Arthur Rothstein paired with Lilacs by Waxahatchee


8. Alpine Glow in the Valley by Ariel Lee paired with Spring in Winter by Flock of Dimes


9. AS07-08-1933 , a 20x200 Space Edition paired with Sweet by Porridge Radio


10. NYC Metro Air Traffic 3/18/18 by Pete Mauney paired with Love Can't Be The Only Reason To Stay by Le Ren

The 411 on Megan Jasper
I live in Seattle, WA and work at Sub Pop Records as the label's CEO. Having worked there for a very long time, Sub Pop has introduced me to some of the greatest people, music and places. I've also had the good fortune to work closely with many organizations that I love, either as a volunteer or serving on a Board of Directors over the past 30+ years. When I'm not listening to music or working, I'm either gardening, training for a triathlon or hanging out my husband and dogs.

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