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Chief exec artist London O'Connor mixes prints + music


Founded by London O’Connor in 2018 from their bedroom, AWL produces sound, software, and hardware utilities for “the emotional endurance of humans in all fields”. From ambient music that responds to—and aims to lower—your heart rate during bouts of anxiety, to luminary solutions for spaces with no natural light, AWL strives to provide innovative and mindful tools for everyday life. 

Songwriter turned producer-programmer-director-designer (we need a nap just thinking about it), O’Connor received recognition from NPR and BBC Radio 1 for their solo music before shifting gears to form AWL off the idea that “it is more useful to equip all of us to live our lives here and go further doing what we each love than to get us to live vicariously through the lives of pop stars skewed to entertain us”. In anticipation of AWL’s upcoming release this winter, the company’s work has already piqued the interest of the likes of James Blake, Maggie Rogers, Hank Shocklee of Public Enemy, Willow Smith, and more!

AWL hosts a monthly event called
Progress, at Cooler Gallery in Brooklyn where the company shares its progress on upcoming utilities. The event is designed to be a haven for any and all creatives. You can attend Progress this month at Cooler Gallery on October 24th 8PM to get a preview of AWL’s utilities for this winter.

Take a step into the melodious mind of London O’Connor as he pairs some of his favorite print picks with the perfect playlist in our latest 20x200 Art Mixtape. — Team 20x200

When we experience the natural world, it's always telling us so many stories at once, one through each sense. Together through these stories, we experience reality. For us in art, perfection is not the goal—the goal is reality. It's really important to understand how to translate one core emotional experience into different mediums. Pairing artworks with songs is what we're always doing in our mind when we visit galleries, but this is the first time someone asked us for the playlist. — London O'Connor

1. Interlochen, Michigan. Swimming Dock by Arthur Siegel paired with An Arc of Doves by Brian Eno


2. The Fall by Negar Ahkami paired with Suite bergamasque, L. 75: III. Clair de lune by Claude Debussy


3. The Ten Largest, No. 7, Adulthood, Group IV by Hilma af Klint paired with Ave Maria by Beyoncé


4. Sugarcoat by Michelle Hinebrook paired with Halfway Home by Broken Social Scene


5. Burst by Marcy Palmer paired with Fourth of July by Sufjan Stevens


6. Perspective by Kelli Anderson paired with Flamingo by Kero Kero Bonito


7. Untitled (Geese, London) by Dana Miller paired with California by Joni Mitchell


8. 1959 (Thames Estate Car) by Don Hamerman paired with Two of Us by The Beatles


9. AS07-08-1933, a 20x200 Space Edition paired with No Line on the Horizon by U2


10. Cylinder Endcap AC75-1883 1920, a 20x200 Space Edition paired with Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles

The 411 on London O'Connor
AWL is a utilities provider for the emotional endurance of humans in all fields. The company provides utilities in the form of sound, software, and hardware. We lead this company as its Chief Executive Artist and our life's work is through this company. Our name is London O'Connor. We prefer us/our pronouns because we are a body made of cells. We're an American songwriter, producer, and designer based in NYC, Earth.

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