by Kelli Anderson

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Artist Statement

Kelli Anderson is a designer interested in exposing invisible forces at play in the world through humble means. Obsessed with “lo-fi magic”, she believes that handheld experiences can often effectively challenge our expectations about how the larger world works. Because of this, she is never not making mobiüs strips or musical paper objects.

Editor's noteThe precise hole placements correspond to the eleven largest meteorite collisions in Earth’s history, each of which would have been catastrophic had they not hit before there was human life on Earth. The collisions are iterated individually by name in the type toward the bottom of the print.


+ This edition has holes in it! Die cuts mark the spots of the earth's largest meteorite impacts. Because the holes are custom-cut, the prints may take 2-3 additional days to ship.
+ Limited-edition, exclusive to 20x200


Museo Portfolio Rag

Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson is a designer who uses lo-fi magic to expose the invisible forces behind our world. She believes that simple physical materials can connect us to the principles that dictate even the most distant forces in our universe. She recently published This Book is a Planetarium—a pop-up book that explains scientific abstractions through interactive paper gadgets. Her TEDx talk on “Disruptive Wonder: The Hidden Talents of Everyday Things” and her paper record player wedding invitation project were both widely-enjoyed on the internet.
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