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Kelli Anderson Gives Us Some Perspective

Perspective by Kelli Anderson
14"x11" ($75) | 20"x16" ($300) 

Kelli Anderson’s insatiable curiosity is contagious. The Brooklyn-based artist and designer is something of a virtuoso when it comes to seamlessly incorporating diverse techniques to achieve a dynamic final product—one that actively encourages exploration. Photography, printmaking, paper craft, illustration, animation and cutting coalesce. Data, hard science, history and coding even make it into the mix.

Her debut edition, for instance, is a laser-cut print of a digital illustration of an abstracted world map. It has a tactile element and a science-y, cerebral aspect. And then you’ve got the bright, bold, geometric stripes that break up the organic forms of the continents and urge the viewer to rethink their worldview—our first example of fresh Perspective from this print.

The precise hole placements correspond to the eleven largest meteorite collisions in Earth’s history, each of which would have been catastrophic had they not hit before there was life on Earth. (Chicxulub on the Yucatan Peninsula is the infamous asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs.) The collisions are iterated individually by name in the petite but impactful typeface toward the bottom of the print. The stripe and text sections of the image are united by the white space in which they’re suspended. What we’re looking at is both an art piece and an infographic—it’s like the coolest textbook page that ever existed.

Something about cataclysmic meteorites seems apropos in the context of current events. With this artwork on your walls, maybe you’ll feel oddly comforted, or you’ll quietly observe a sense of smallness in this wide, ancient world. Maybe you’ll just feel an urge to watch Deep Impact. Whatever the case, this print is certain to give you a little Perspective.

P.S. Feeling this Kelli Anderson edition? You’ll want to pre-order a copy of This Book is a Planetarium. Or, if you’re in the SF area, catch Anderson’s solo show at Mule Gallery, up through December 23rd 2016.

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200