Photography Meets the Mystical in Marcy Palmer’s Starry “Burst” May 23 2017

Burst by Marcy Palmer

Would you believe today’s edition is a photograph? Well buckle up, buttercup. Marcy Palmer’s dreamy images defy logic.

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Tangled up in Blue: A New Addition to Our Anna Atkins Collection May 16 2017

Chylocladia Clavellosa by Anna Atkins
Time spent on the beach is about as luxurious a sensorial experience as we can come up with. If you ask us, the key components of an oceanic chill fest are as follows: the feel of sea-heavy sand under bare feet, the smell of brine and sulfur, and the sight of seaweed. No trip to the shore is complete without at least one encounter with a glorious, glistening gob of algae.

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Jimmy Mezei Shows Off His Bklyn Art + Design Digs May 13 2017


It’s pretty clear you’re on artist turf when you enter Jimmy Mezei’s studio. Work from projects new and old hang on every wall, plus a wealth of inspiration images (including the work of many a 20x200 artist!). The same charm that makes brown-bagged rosé feel like a mischievous treat appears in little ways around the studio. Jimmy’s penchant for naming inanimate objects is case-in-point: a studio plant named “Derek”, a paint cart named “Dolly”, and flat file (aptly) named “Flatty” all make your acquaintance. Then there’s a painted note about Paul, the pupper who belongs to his best friend (and 20x200 artist) Kellen Hatanaka, and this important reminder: “You’re not a Supreme Court judge. Relax.”

Below, the Brooklyn-based designer fills us in on his favorite media, his go-to procrastination techniques (take notes), and so much more…

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Collage Crush: Intro’ing Johanna Goodman’s Brilliant “Imaginary Beings” May 09 2017

The Catalogue of Imaginary Beings, Plate No.42 by Johanna Goodman

The Catalogue of Imaginary Beings, Plate No.199 by Johanna Goodman

We’re bad at moderation, especially when it comes art collecting, so clearly there was no narrowing it down where today’s artist debut was concerned. But luckily our lack of self-control is your windfall: you can take home two new enigmatic editions from NY-based artist Johanna Goodman.

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Welcome Back William Crump! Where Reality Meets Imagination May 02 2017

The Mountain of Tomorrow's Sunrise by William Crump

The Mountain of Westward Expansion by William Crump

May is off to a solid start on the art front. As of today, artist William Crump’s inspiring, ingenious, color-injected editions are available again on our site.

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Music + Art Share the Stage! Feat. Picks from a Hamilton Performer April 29 2017

You’re gonna want to tune into what we’re broadcasting from 20x200 HQ today. Introducing Art Mixtape, in which we enlist expert input to match music and art. In this series, music pros hand-pick and pair songs with 20x200 editions, relying on their synchronicity to reveal new, awesome, and unexpected things about each work.

To kick off the inaugural installation of Art Mixtape, we’ve solicited the help of super-talented Syndee Winters—singer, songwriter, actor, and performer in numerous Broadway musicals, including
Hamilton, an American Musical (excuse us while we uberfan over here). Below, get the full ensemble of Syndee’s pairings.

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Forever Flowers > The Usual Bouquet April 27 2017

Semi-Double Tree Peony and Caspian Nelumbium by Sarah Ann Drake I Rose, Anemone, Clematide, a 20x200 Vintage Edition
8"x10" / 10" x 8" ($24) | 11"x14" / 14"x11" ($60) | 16"x20" / 20"x16" ($240) 

If you’re on our page, then you know houseplants provide a super welcome dose of indoor ecotherapy, much-needed in the cement jungle. You also likely share in our desire to surround ourselves with enormous quantities of plants à la every single cool interior design blog out there. But taking care of all that greenery is not as easy as it looks, dammit! (Why is overly-ambitious plant collecting not more of a trending topic...)

Our solution? Botanical art—and plenty of it. These three new Vintage Editions are case-in-point. We couldn’t contain ourselves (what’s new). How could we pick just one of these floral stunners? Cue today’s TRIPLE edition release. We’re in full bloom.

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Take the Scenic Route to Carleton Watkins’ “Cypress Point, Monterey” April 20 2017

Cypress Point, Monterey by Carleton Watkins
Cypress Point, Monterey is perched over the Pacific off California’s rugged central coast. It can be found along 17-Mile Drive, the famously picturesque path that passes through Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove on the Monterey Peninsula. The road hugs the coastline, supplying stunning view after stunning view. Water encounters the cliffs with gusto, spraying sea mist. Nearby fauna is bathed in cool fog. It’s no surprise Carleton Watkins found inspiration in this remarkably scenic landscape.

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New Art from Amy Jean Porter! Birds + Berries with an Enviable NYC View April 18 2017

Black-capped Chickadee by Amy Jean Porter
Amy Jean Porter is a 20x200 veteran whose work we keep returning to for a million reasons, but one of the major factors in our fixation is the artist’s idiosyncratic approach to the animal kingdom. Bright, unexpected, eye-catching and emotive, her illustrations never fall short on the joy-generating front. Today’s new release, Black-capped Chickadee, is no exception.

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Literary Gallery: Author Min Jin Lee's Book + Art Pairings April 15 2017

Our full-fledged book lovefest in honor of National Library Week wouldn't be complete without the second installment of our Literary Gallery series.

Today we pass the pencil to bestselling novelist Min Jin Lee, who's masterfully matched ten of her favorite tomes with ten 20x200 editions. Presented without comment, the invisible connections between each paired text + print speak for themselves. See below to peruse all of Lee's insightful pairings. 

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