This Newsletter Is (Not) a Planetarium October 07 2017

Anderson's new book is out! And you're gonna wanna go in...
We couldn’t begin to imagine what it’d be like to take a behind-the-scenes tour of Kelli Anderson’s brain, but we can say unequivocally that it’d be full of surprises. A multi-talented, deep-thinking maker of creative magic, Anderson is idiosyncratic as all get-out—a true agitator in the purest, most honest, affirmative way.

The Brooklyn-based artist and designer (and longtime 20x200 collaborator!) is beyond fluent in a wildly broad range of media: illustration, photography, printing, papercraft, animation, coding, and design, to name a few. It’s obvious that the joy of experimentation and discovery is central to her work, to her existence, even. Anderson seems to approach her creative process with a driving sense of wonder and a fundamental freedom—with materials and ideas, from axioms and expectations. Her TED talk from a few years back may have tipped you off to that. Her 20x200 edition, Perspective, prolly clued you in too. She is a tinkerer, a scholar, an iconoclast, always aiming to dig beyond her projects themselves into their deeper meaning...

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Gouache, Glue + Guts: Helena Wurzel Paints Her Way August 05 2017

Helena Wurzel's studio: gouache tubes, paper, and jars of YES! glue for her gouache + paper creations

When we’re thirsting for a piece to pump some electricity into our art collection, we’re wont to turn to Helena Wurzel, whose cool factor, bright color palette, and topsy-turvey take on perspective always keep us on our toes. Wurzel’s been part of the 20x200 artist roster since wayyyy back in the day—2011, to be specific (!!!). Through the years we’ve watched her work evolve, and its newest metamorphoses are as refreshing and ingenious as always...

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Art Bites Back: Cue the Resistance with Edel Rodriguez June 03 2017

Edel Rodriguez at the De Hache conference in Queretaros, Mexico with Resist. showing on the screen

Edel Rodriguez is a busy man. Since the release of his 20x200 edition a few months back, the Cuban-American artist has continued to produce some of the most staggeringly powerful imagery out there, both topical and timeless in its appeal to our humanity. Much of his current work is the modern embodiment of art as activism. His pointed, poignant, no-nonsense approach to artmaking is unafraid of ruffling feathers in the name of resistance. A Rodriguez piece is a reminder to stay alert and active.

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20x200 Artist Spotlight: Joseph O. Holmes September 13 2016

We don’t play favorites when it comes to our artists, but Joseph O. Holmes definitely has a special place in our hearts. Maybe it’s because he’s been a longtime 20x200 collaborator, or because his photographs of NYC never fail to remind us why we’re so smitten with our home city, OR because he’s one of the most easy-going, positively zen people we’ve ever had the pleasure to get to know IRL. All we can tell you is we can’t stop collecting his editions.


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20x200 Artist Spotlight: Carrie Marill July 30 2016

If you’re wondering why Carrie Marill’s name sounds familiar, it might be because we’ve had the pleasure of presenting 16 (!!!) editions from her. Marill has been with us since the very beginning—we released her first 20x200 edition shortly after we launched—and she’s also participated in several shows at Jen Bekman Gallery.

What keeps us coming back to Carrie Marill? Her saturated, spirited color palette and the ease with which she embraces whimsy make her art instantly irresistible. What’s more, beneath the surface her work is characterized by a profound curiosity for the world around her. She’s freely explored ideas as complex and inscrutable as string theory and mother-child relationships. Marill has said, "I use art as a tool to investigate the world."


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20x200 Artist Spotlight: Jenny Odell June 28 2016

Jenny Odell has been serving us some spectacularly fresh perspectives from the moment we released her first edition back in 2010. Since then, we’ve featured a number of her captivating collages, including all sorts of way-above-bird’s-eye views of swimming pools, airplanes, circular farms and so much more. If you’re unfamiliar with Odell’s work, it might make sense to describe it is as a series of collections. Scouring Google Satellite View, Odell finds and isolates similar structures and infrastructures, reassembling them in puzzle-like formations against a unified background. Seen from so far above, these decontextualized groupings remind us of human impact, approaching the built environment like a wellspring of magnificent, fragile minutiae. Did we mention that Odell’s editions are downright beautiful too? In Odell’s world, waste ponds look like seaglass and industrial buildings become jewelry beads.

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