Jimmy Mezei Shows Off His Bklyn Art + Design Digs May 13 2017


It’s pretty clear you’re on artist turf when you enter Jimmy Mezei’s studio. Work from projects new and old hang on every wall, plus a wealth of inspiration images (including the work of many a 20x200 artist!). The same charm that makes brown-bagged rosé feel like a mischievous treat appears in little ways around the studio. Jimmy’s penchant for naming inanimate objects is case-in-point: a studio plant named “Derek”, a paint cart named “Dolly”, and flat file (aptly) named “Flatty” all make your acquaintance. Then there’s a painted note about Paul, the pupper who belongs to his best friend (and 20x200 artist) Kellen Hatanaka, and this important reminder: “You’re not a Supreme Court judge. Relax.”

Below, the Brooklyn-based designer fills us in on his favorite media, his go-to procrastination techniques (take notes), and so much more…

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Bright Delight: In the Studio with Kindah Khalidy March 11 2017


Step into Kindah Khalidy’s artmaking HQ and there's a high probability you'll consider setting up camp. One look at her airy, paint-spattered Mission studio calls to mind the color-packed pieces she creates. Her free-wheeling artworks are the ultimate sight for sore eyes—we’d go so far as to say they're utterly uplifting. Below, the Bay Area based artist gives us the 411 on her creative process, how to set aside space for inspiration, and her very relatable relationship to that crucial AM cup of coffee (+ so much more).   

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In the Studio | Jenny Odell May 10 2015


We love the way Jenny Odell sees the world—in categorical cutouts, arranged into visually pleasing puzzles of parking lots, boats, and planes. This unique, thoughtful artist has been a wonderful addition to the 20x200 artists cadre! Get to know the lady behind the art: peek into her sunlit SF workspace, read about her advice for her students, nab her genre-spanning work playlist, and more...  – Team 20x200


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In the Studio | Carrie Marill February 28 2015



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In the Studio | Amy Jean Porter February 07 2015

Amy Jean Porter has an affinity for the natural world and a quirky, cheerful way of expressing it, which we love. Her work has been shown internationally and she's been published by some of our faves like The Awl and McSweeney's, so we know we're not alone in the AJP adoration. We had the chance to talk with the lovely Amy Jean about how she works and lives, so please - enjoy! – Jen & Team 20x200


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Studio Superstars! January 24 2015

Get an in-depth look at our "In the Studio" artists after the jump!

In the Studio | Jorge Colombo January 17 2015

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In the Studio | William Wegman January 06 2015

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In the Studio | Ky Anderson November 29 2014

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In the Studio | Jessica Snow November 21 2014

Meet one of the most charming, vibrant (and smart!) artists in the 20x200 family, Jessica Snow. She's got oh-so-many tips and tricks to share with you readers!  If you're in Cali, be sure to keep an eye out for the slew of projects she's involved in: currently, a group show at Helmuth Projects (San Diego) and in January, a group show at Traywick Contemporary (Berkeley).

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