We’re Seeing Stars: Marcy Palmer’s “Dizzy” Second Edition August 15 2017

Dizzy by Marcy Palmer
Marcy Palmer's soaring sophomore edition is downright serendipitous. For one, our founder first met Palmer at PhotoNOLA’s Portfolio Review, which coincidentally opens for registration in just a few weeks. Secondly (and perhaps more mystically,) the celestial, starry-sky vibes of her new print, Dizzy, are particularly well-timed. You might say the stars have aligned...

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Gorgeousness on the Half Shell: Two New Vintage Seashell Editions August 08 2017

Oyster, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Nautilus, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Bear with us for a second. Imagine you’re barefoot on the beach, padding across the dense, damp shore. Your eyes wander around your feet, surveying the sand for small discoveries. An alabaster glimmer grabs your attention. You bend down to scoop the treasure into your hand. A seashell! Quite a score. You trace its surface with your thumb and quietly examine all its ins and outs.

We wanna be spot on as we set this scene, ‘cause the fact is it reminds us of an activity we’re inarguably more obsessed with: Collecting seashells has much the same meditative quality as pondering a piece of art...

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Boardwalk Glory: Vintage Ride + Old School Arcade c/o John Margolies July 11 2017

Arcade by John Margolies
8"x10" ($24) | 11"x14" ($60) | 16"x20" ($240) | 24"x30" ($800)

Disco Star by John Margolies
8"x10" ($24) | 11"x14" ($60) | 16"x20" ($240) | 24"x30" ($800)

The boardwalk brings to mind the best of stress-free summer antics: roller coasters, pinball, bumper cars, funnel cake. And of course, the beach. Whether you’re at Coney Island or Santa Cruz, the boardwalk is built-in beach fun (for those who require a little something else on top of the waves, sand and sun). ‘Wholesome’ is a word for the extracurriculars here—a stationary epicenter of crowd-pleasing amusement that’s made all the better by an ocean view. ‘Timeless’ also rings true, especially when you get a look at the two John Margolies photographs that make up today’s extra-special double edition release. You might mistake the locale as a present-day pier, but these images are straight outta the 1970s... 

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Jens Ochlich’s Star-Spangled Stunner: “American Mobile Home” June 27 2017

American Mobile Home by Jens Ochlich
Jens Ochlich caught sight of this star-spangled stunner while en route up the interstate in San Diego, CA. Hunting it down behind some warehouses, he found the vehicle parked between a number of other RVs—all permanent dwellings. He'd taken note of the new crops of mobile homes popping up along the railroad tracks near his own house, keeping an eye out for the four-wheeled residences, but this particular trailer really captured the photographer’s attention. Needless to say, it also snagged ours. Somewhere between peppy and strangely forlorn, timeless, even surreal, Ochlich's 20x200 debut demanded its spot in our summer art collection...

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We Sea You: Prettify Your Walls with This Painted Beach Scene June 20 2017

Beach scene by R.G. Harper Pennington
Hard to believe it’s still technically spring given the sweltering weather we’ve been having in NYC, but it’s true: tomorrow is the first official day of summer. Our toes are exposed, our farmer’s markets are full of tomatoes, and our ACs are cranking. All that’s left is to give our walls a li’l seasonal upgrade courtesy of today’s new release—a summery seaside Vintage Edition from 19th century painter R.G. Harper Pennington...

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Tune into Collage Queen Valerie Roybal’s “Radio City” June 13 2017

Radio City by Valerie Roybal
Get a good look at Valerie Roybal’s Radio City. The Albuquerque-based artist moonlights as a master scavenger, amassing the materials for her collages by sifting through everything from vintage postcards and castoff printed matter, to abandoned textiles and anonymous found objects. Whether her focus favors a particular type of material or a mix of many, Roybal approaches these disparate elements with a keen awareness of invisible or elusive connections, and an imaginative grasp of conceptual bridges yet to be built.

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This One’s Got Legs: Amber Vittoria Makes Her 20x200 Debut! June 06 2017

Dress Like A Woman by Amber Vittoria
Amber Vittoria’s art is far from ordinary. You’re likely to lock eyes with her work in part because of her predilection for luscious shapes, and her candyland of colors. Bright, cheeky, and exuberant with an underlying investment in the exploration of physicality and femininity, Vittoria’s work feels—in a word—fresh. The New York City-based illustrator’s debut edition, Dress Like A Woman, takes that novelty to the next level... 

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A 20x200 First! Jimmy Mezei Wows with His Wall Hangings May 30 2017

No Map There by Jimmy Mezei
This is new territory for team 20x200. We’re all kinds of excited to introduce the very first wall hanging we’ve ever released, available for a super limited-time—No Map There.

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Photography Meets the Mystical in Marcy Palmer’s Starry “Burst” May 23 2017

Burst by Marcy Palmer

Would you believe today’s edition is a photograph? Well buckle up, buttercup. Marcy Palmer’s dreamy images defy logic.

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Tangled up in Blue: A New Addition to Our Anna Atkins Collection May 16 2017

Chylocladia Clavellosa by Anna Atkins
Time spent on the beach is about as luxurious a sensorial experience as we can come up with. If you ask us, the key components of an oceanic chill fest are as follows: the feel of sea-heavy sand under bare feet, the smell of brine and sulfur, and the sight of seaweed. No trip to the shore is complete without at least one encounter with a glorious, glistening gob of algae.

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