Out in the Weeds! Textile Artist Jen Hewett’s Lush Linen Wall Hanging October 17 2017

Weedwatching Wall Hanging by Jen Hewett
26.5"x16" ($80)

We're not known for containing our enthusiasm around these parts, but today's new object edition has stirred up an unprecedented screenprinted textile-stoked frenzy. We’re over the moon to welcome printmaker, artist, teacher, entrepreneur and all around amazing human Jen Hewett to the 20x200 fam, and introduce her very special debut edition, Weedwatching—a hand-screened wall hanging that we’ve been oohing and ahhing over at HQ ever since it arrived...

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Opposites Abstract: Jaime Derringer's 20x200 Debut! October 10 2017

141128-2 by Jaime Derringer

World’s-gone-mad Tuesday greetings, collectors! It’s Jen here again, writing to offer a respite from the chaos reigning over our newscycle and social streams with some soul-soothing, inspiring art: 141128-2 by my friend on the internet since forever, the magnificent multi-hyphenate Jaime Derringer.

What amazes me about Jaime is not just the astounding array of initiatives under her purview, but the consistency and quality that defines those efforts. Lots of people know her as the force behind Design Milk, an essential read for design professionals and fanatics since the heyday of blogging in the early aughts. She’s a pioneer, sure, but she’s the rare sort of trailblazer who’s stuck with it, evolving along with the medium itself and doing a bunch of other amazing things along the way. Today she presides over not one but three different design-oriented websites, a podcast, and a handful of attention-intensive side hustles, including poetry, calligraphy and yep, art... 

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New! Trade a Jackson for a Kennedy: Get Your Live with Art Letterpress for Just $20 October 03 2017

LWA 10.17 by Kennedy Prints for 20x200

Hi, it’s Jen. How are you? Or, as my free-clinic Freudian shrink back in college days used to say with a thick German accent (for real!), “How are you?” Not so good, maybe? I sure can’t blame you if you’re feeling blue, or anxious or angry, or all of the above. We’re all pretty worn down by the seemingly endless stream of bad news. As I said last night on Twitter, it’s sure hard to write about art in the midst of so much hardship, loss, and tragedy, but I also truly believe that art is more essential than ever in these times. So I here I am, to talk about today’s very special, super affordable edition and the incredible guy that made it for us in honor of our tenth anniversary.

Live with art—it’s good for you.” has been my personal rallying cry since the doors of my gallery opened on Spring St in NYC back in 2003—in fact, it was emblazoned ON our door!—and it’s been a pillar of 20x200’s mission from day one. It’s previously been immortalized in letterpress prints created especially for us by Mikey Burton and Kelli Anderson, and it’s the bold statement that has made our tote bags so beloved. Creating a new version in honor of our anniversary was a no-brainer. And even better still—Amos Kennedy, a living embodiment of our own Art for Everyone ethos, is the man who lovingly produced this new iteration in his Detroit studio...

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New! Soak up the Seaside Serenity of This Japanese Ukiyo-e Scene September 26 2017

Kojima zu, a 20x200 Vintage Edition
Kojima zu keeps us guessing. Made by a mystery artist, this enigmatic new Vintage Edition of Japanese origin charms from the start. At first blush, it lures the viewer into its laid-back, breezy, brackish world. Undulating waves crash on a craggy rock, the serene sea view stretching into the horizon. If it weren’t for the clouds and the presence of two drifting seabirds in the distance, the sky and sea would almost blend together, a continuum of light blue. It’s a positively paradisiac take on a familiar natural landscape. The setting seems so exquisite, in fact, you might wonder if this artwork is anchored in an actual place... 

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Winky Lewis’s New Edition Makes a Synchronized Splash September 19 2017

Cousins, 2017 by Winky Lewis

Winky Lewis has a way with summer. We’re calling it an instinct, one that’s been finely tuned by warm weeks with her family on a rustic island in Maine, camera in tow. Her kids take to the habitat—the very same her husband spent his childhood summers splashing around—with free-wheeling fervor. Lewis relishes in photographing one of her favorite places, and the kids provide a perfect subject. There’s something about youthful frolicking that feels both majorly enchanting and mysteriously out of reach to us office-bound adult-types. Give us your sun-soaked barefoot adventures and bathing-suit-clad bliss! We’ll be over here in deep denial of our end-of-summer blues.

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New! Collect Chris Mottalini’s Immersive Tropical Modernism September 12 2017

War on Ugliness (#7) by Chris Mottalini
Poring over Chris Mottalini’s debut edition, we’re first awash with the feeling of waking to a view thick with palm fronds, and the damp scent of volcanic soil. (Which reminds us: that’s precisely the peace-inducing atmosphere we're apt to angle for when art collecting for cozy spaces.) But take a closer look at this double exposure daydream and you’ll pick up on something beyond its verdant, blue-green beauty—including the unexpected ways in which a thoughtfully layered photograph of lush, tropical leaves is also a metaphor for the multidimensionality of an architectural legacy...

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Ten Years of Art for Everyone! (+ Live With Art Totes) September 05 2017

Live With Art Canvas Tote Bags, a 20x200 Product
Available in blue or orange for $10

Cue the confetti cannons….

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The Far-Out Art of Jazz-Age Feminist Florine Stettheimer August 22 2017

The Cathedrals of Art by Florine Stettheimer
Today’s new Vintage Edition is ℅ a Jazz-age intellectual and unapologetically feminist painter, poet and saloniste: Florine Stettheimer. Bright, rambunctious, and brimming with Stettheimer’s next-level use of symbolism, The Cathedrals of Art is the kind of image we could spend all day dissecting. Making it even harder to edit down our excitement, Stettheimer herself was super fascinating—an artist who refused to compromise, creating some of the most spirited, authentic, radical art of her time in the process. (Which reminds us: catch the stunning Stettheimer show at the Jewish Museum in NYC before it says sayonara in mid-September).

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We’re Seeing Stars: Marcy Palmer’s “Dizzy” Second Edition August 15 2017

Dizzy by Marcy Palmer
Marcy Palmer's soaring sophomore edition is downright serendipitous. For one, our founder first met Palmer at PhotoNOLA’s Portfolio Review, which coincidentally opens for registration in just a few weeks. Secondly (and perhaps more mystically,) the celestial, starry-sky vibes of her new print, Dizzy, are particularly well-timed. You might say the stars have aligned...

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Gorgeousness on the Half Shell: Two New Vintage Seashell Editions August 08 2017

Oyster, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Nautilus, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Bear with us for a second. Imagine you’re barefoot on the beach, padding across the dense, damp shore. Your eyes wander around your feet, surveying the sand for small discoveries. An alabaster glimmer grabs your attention. You bend down to scoop the treasure into your hand. A seashell! Quite a score. You trace its surface with your thumb and quietly examine all its ins and outs.

We wanna be spot on as we set this scene, ‘cause the fact is it reminds us of an activity we’re inarguably more obsessed with: Collecting seashells has much the same meditative quality as pondering a piece of art...

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