Take the Scenic Route to Carleton Watkins’ “Cypress Point, Monterey” April 20 2017

Cypress Point, Monterey by Carleton Watkins
Cypress Point, Monterey is perched over the Pacific off California’s rugged central coast. It can be found along 17-Mile Drive, the famously picturesque path that passes through Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove on the Monterey Peninsula. The road hugs the coastline, supplying stunning view after stunning view. Water encounters the cliffs with gusto, spraying sea mist. Nearby fauna is bathed in cool fog. It’s no surprise Carleton Watkins found inspiration in this remarkably scenic landscape.

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New Art from Amy Jean Porter! Birds + Berries with an Enviable NYC View April 18 2017

Black-capped Chickadee by Amy Jean Porter
Amy Jean Porter is a 20x200 veteran whose work we keep returning to for a million reasons, but one of the major factors in our fixation is the artist’s idiosyncratic approach to the animal kingdom. Bright, unexpected, eye-catching and emotive, her illustrations never fall short on the joy-generating front. Today’s new release, Black-capped Chickadee, is no exception.

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Rad Reading: Collect this 1960s Design + We’ll Donate to the NYPL April 11 2017

For a richer, fuller life wake up and read, a 20x200 Vintage Edition
Our new piece is a real page turner. We’re rolling out this retro reading design in honor of National Library Week 2017. Collect yours today and there’s a major bookish bonus...

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Into the Deep: Ian Baguskas’s Mythical Haenyo Diver April 06 2017

Haenyo Emerging for Air by Ian Baguskas
Dive into Haenyo Emerging for Air, part of Ian Baguskas’s series documenting the dying tradition of the female deep-sea divers of Jeju Island, South Korea. Haenyo directly translates to “sea women”. These intrepid women perform perilous work to provide for their families, spending five hours a day diving up to 30 meters deep without air tanks. Their objective? Harvesting the valuable sea life on the ocean floor, such as abalone and sea urchins. Haenyo can hold their breath for more than three minutes.

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Alfred Stieglitz’s “Rain Drops” Will Shower Your Walls w/ Innovation April 04 2017

Rain Drops by Alfred Stieglitz
Mid-storm artmaking may not be the most radical idea out there, but today’s new release goes far beyond the expected. This Vintage Edition is from one of the foremost figures in modern American photography: Alfred Stieglitz. Who knew there was so much to be discovered in precipitation on print?

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Score This Vintage Baseball Scene + 30% off Athletic Art March 30 2017

A baseball game, Dailey, W. Va. by Arthur Rothstein

Our new Vintage Edition is up to bat—just in time for spring training. This photo was taken on the grounds of Tygart Valley Homestead School, the last functioning school built during the New Deal era. (The school is currently raising money to rebuild their roof! Pitch in here to help preserve the historic structure.)

We tapped writer and diehard baseball aficionado Maura Johnston to intro this release. Read on...

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Honeybees + Spring Scenery: The Elegant Side of Entomological Art March 25 2017

Frühlingsbild aus dem Insekten Leben, a 20x200 Vintage Edition
Have you heard the buzz about our new release? This Vintage Edition is the bee’s knees. But puns aside, you’ll definitely want to make a beeline for this print. (Ok, sorry, we’ll see ourselves out…)

The title of today’s edition release is a Germanic mouthful—Frühlingsbild aus dem Insektenleben—which for all its linguistic delight and dexterity roughly translates to a rather simple phrase: Spring Image from Insect Life. We plucked the image from Die Insekten, Tausendfüssler und Spinnen (Insects, Millipedes, and Spiders), an entomological book published in 1877. Co-written by Alfred Brehm and Ernst Ludwig Taschenberg, two German entomologists, the book is inflected by a smattering of stunning illustrations—quite the counterpoint to page after page of dense zoological science.

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#RESIST March 16 2017

Resist. by Edel Rodriguez
10"x8" ($24) | 14"x11" ($60) | 20"x16" ($240) | 30"x24" ($1200)

Thrilled, delighted, honored, excited, over-the-moon, proud… all of these are words I’ve used in preface to debuting new artists and editions on the site, and I’ve always used them most sincerely. Sharing new work with our collectors is one of my greatest joys in life, and that our artists have entrusted us to present their passions and ideas is a true privilege. Today, I’m all of the above and more, as our newest edition—Resist., by artist and designer Edel Rodriguez—is an urgent exhortation to stand up for our joys and freedoms.

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Intro’ing Horace Pippin! Step Inside this Domestic Sanctuary March 14 2017

Victorian Interior II by Horace Pippin
Our new edition release is right on cue to up the cozy factor for those of us currently battling winter storm Stella. And by battling we mean wearing sweatpants, working from home, and rationalizing the consumption of enormous quantities of hot chocolate.

What better time to take a hit of art history than mid-blizzard? If you don’t know Horace Pippin’s name, do yourself a solid and click below for the 411 on the painter—whose story reads like a cinematic triumph—and today’s compelling print.

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Pro Tips! How to Kickstart + Keep Track of Your Art Collection March 07 2017

Jen Bekman's NYC apartment, featuring LOTS of art
Our fearless founder and head curator Jen Bekman has some boss-level insider insights on art collecting. Read on for how to track down art that's right up your alley, stay in the know on what's new, and keep tabs on your growing collection...

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