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You are getting verrry sleepy … It’s Brian Kaspr’s dreamy text debut

Sleep by B. Kaspr
Pigment print: 8"x10" ($35) | 11"x14" ($75) | 16"x20" ($260)
Hand-pulled screenprint: 22"x30" ($600)

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Consider this our cosign to stay in bed tomorrow. Sure, it’ll be a Wednesday, probably nice out, and maybe there’s that work thing you gotta worry about, but we’ve just released Sleep and we wanna celebrate. Take a personal day, refuse to remove your PJs, and plot out some art space on your walls. You can score one of our limited-edition archival pigment prints of Sleep, available in three sizes, or you can opt for something extra special: one of only 20 original 22”x30” screen prints, hand-pulled by the artist. Don’t sleep on Brian Kaspr’s debut edition.

Kaspr’s eye-catching calligraphy, punchy colors and psychedelic stylings are super distinctive and, frankly, delicious. His original lettering oozes wit, consideration, and whimsy. His pieces are bold, lively, and so good to look at. Sleep is no exception—it’s the opposite of a snooze, wordage notwithstanding. The wide, wavy letters, silhouetted in pink (what we’ve come to think of as Kaspr’s color), are strangely hypnotizing. The floral background is exposed between the letters' outlines, lifting the filter that clouds those flowers in the rest of the frame. Maybe that filter is a nod to the fog that hovers over a dream after waking. Swiping it away, we’re offered a glimpse inside a slumbering fantasy land, sneaking a peek at flora reminiscent of the poppy fields in the Wizard of Oz. The background is also printed slightly off-register, so that it’s subtly out-of-focus. The effect: Sleep is drowsy, soothing, intoxicating, and visually stimulating.

While Kaspr has produced a dizzyingly awesome array of custom designs (like today’s limited edition), the NY artist’s idiosyncratic work has also made itself at home with a wonderfully wide range of brands: Bon Appetit, Facebook, Away, American Express, Madewell, the MoMA … the list goes on. Beyond that, he co-founded the critically acclaimed design studio Flat Vernacular, turning out wildly cool fabrics and wallpaper. This is to say: you may well have unwittingly spotted (and obsessed over) something Kaspr came up with. Sleep is your shot to own an exclusive limited-edition Kaspr creation, and even invest in an original if your heart desires.

We’re picturing this print working it’s magic on our bedroom walls (naturally), but it’d also look amazeballs framed up in chill living room arrangement, or as a tongue-in-cheek addition to an office art collection. Or perhaps, like us, you know some expert-level nappers and alarm snoozers who’d appreciate an artful nod to their one true love: sweet, sweet sleep. Then again, Sleep is suited to dreamers of all sorts, and it just might soften a mid-week stress fest. REM-arkable opportunity abounds. Sleep tight!

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