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Style + design sleuth Robert Verdi moonlights as an avid art collector.

you are loved by Matthew Hoffman
"I love language and I love the healing quality that art has. I bought this piece the day of its release for my mom—I want her to read these words daily and feel their power." 
—Robert Verdi

Truly good taste is like a double rainbow—rare, resplendent, and real fine fodder for a viral video. Add a scorching sense of humor and some renaissance manning to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for Robert Verdi. (Also try 2 parts tastemaker + 1 part tell-it-like-it-is, shaken over entrepreneurialism, or repeatedly chanting “Bloody Verdi” in front of a mirror until he appears.)

While Verdi’s known for his style and design savvy, he’s also an avid art collector. We recently co-hosted an art night at Burrow House in SoHo, and Verdi charmed the crowd as one of our panelists, care of a lethal combo of personality, authenticity and expertise. He was also featured on the debut episode of our Live With Art podcast, and curated an artful gift guide for animal lovers back in 2016. Our very own Jane Mount even painted Verdi’s Ideal Bookshelf.

Below, peruse a few of this art aficionado’s new faves from the 20x200 collection. Then, watch this AD video of RV—our preferred, art-packed 4-min pick-me-up to counteract a crap day. —Team 20x200


Fly TWA: New York, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

"This piece reminds me of how exciting NY is—I always forget that I live in the city that the entire world wants to visit."

Flowers in a Glass Bowl by Rachel Ruysch

"I love when an artist can capture a temporal moment like the fragile life of wilting flowers—what would be ephemeral and fleeting becomes constant and permanent."

NY1867 by Jennifer Sanchez

"This reminds me that the most stylish people in the world have mastered mixing patterns when they dress and I love how brave people appear when they wear pattern and color."

Reclaiming My Time by Gail Anderson

"Art catalogues human history by being a mirror to the world—it also tells stories for generations. This piece captures the essence of this very moment in time."

Fly TWA: Los Angeles, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

"LA is a boring town, but I like how exotic this makes it feel."