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OOO art: the beach day editions (almost) as summer vibe-y as vacation

Fashion Models in Swim Suits by Toni Frissell

Bring on the beach days, the burnt bums, the cool water, and the piña coladas. If we get to spend even one day sprawled out on the sand with a breezy read in our hands and waves rolling in, the wait will have been worth it. Tomorrow, it’s officially summer.

So maybe your calendar is looking a little more OMG than OOO. We can relate. But don’t let a dearth of days off dictate your summer mood. These beach day editions are the next best thing to sunbathing and surf lessons (and let’s be honest—those lessons are hard).

A few of our picks:

a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Lake Michigan, Chicago
by Daniel Seung Lee

Beach Scene
by R.G. Harper Pennington

Standing at the Edge of the Water
by Helena Wurzel

Can You Imagine
by Trey Speegle

Summer in Antibes
by Alice Gao

a 20x200 Vintage Edition

by William Wegman

Summer Water
by Jimmy Mezei

Rockaway Beach, Food Concession, 1940,
a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Surf Stack
by Kellen Hatanaka

Santa Monica #1
by Amanda Friedman