The Fall

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Artist Statement


In The Fall, a distant skyline evocative of Iran's ornate mosques melts at the horizon. An exodus of sad figures spirals away from a jewel-like landscape, that up-close, reveals repression. A Persian idiomatic expression is scrawled within the landscape: From a distance it is beautiful, but up close, it wrenches the soul. The glittery bubble of immigrant nostalgia for homeland is burst.

At the foreground of the painting, an immigrant couple sits proudly on their baggage. They observe citizens of their new country flippantly interacting with objects that remind them of Iran. The new-world citizens treat a Persian carpet like a picnic blanket, sipping full glasses of Shiraz --a red wine named after an Iranian city. They read magazines that headline Iranian terror, and Herodotus --an ancient history that depicts Persia as an enemy and loser. The fallen leaves from the tree framing the landscape are blue and white, like the diasporic figures --hinting at collective loss.

The textures and colors in my work pay tribute to Iran's ceramic traditions and jewel-like aesthetic. The composition is inspired by Persian miniatures and the symbolic landscapes of Hudson River School paintings. The original painting is in the Collection of Roya and Massoud Heidari.


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Negar Ahkami is a painter from Clifton, NJ and New York City. She was born in Baltimore, MD. Ahkami received a B.A. in Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures from Columbia University and an MFA from School of Visual Arts. She attended Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, and participated in the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Workspace Residency and Swing Space Residency on Governors Island. She has had three solo exhibitions, at Leila Heller Gallery in NY (2013, 2009) and LMAK Projects Brooklyn (2007). Her work has also been featured in two-person and group exhibitions at Miki Wick Kim Gallery (Zurich), Princeton University, The Austrian Cultural Forum NY, Longwood Arts Project, Stefan Stux Gallery, Kravets Wehby Gallery, and other galleries and museums. Ahkami’s work is represented in the collections of The New Britain Museum of American Art, the DePaul University Art Museum, the Farjam Collection (UAE), and private and corporate collections. She currently lives and works in the DC and New York areas. She is represented by Leila Heller Gallery in New York.