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These artist-approved studio jams make a perfect summer playlist.

Boombox by Hollis Brown Thornton

Here’s something in the key of awesome: this installment of Art Mixtape does things a little differently. Every time we interview an artist for our In the Studio tours, we ask them what’s on their in-studio playlist. Turns out, when we bring all those go-to tracks together it makes for one seriously eclectic, categorically cool mix of music with juuust the right amount of chaotic energy. Specifically, it’s the summer playlist we didn’t know we needed. Check it out on Spotify and you’ll see what we mean.

These artist-approved studio jams cover a lot of ground. There’s jazz classics, post-punk, country, R&B, neo soul, new wave, electronic, and not one but two appearances of his purple holiness, Prince. (Amen.) It’s a playlist with multiple personalities—good listening whether you turn it up to get in the groove during your next work sesh or you’re just keen on some unpredictable auditory entertainment. Are we DJs now? Pretty sure we're DJs now.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

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