New Art Alert! Two Vivid Editions From Kindah Khalidy May 03 2016

San Francisco based artist Kindah Khalidy makes her 20x200 debut with a pair of happy-making abstractions, Untitled (a) and Untitled (b). Below, 20x200 founder and head curator Jen Bekman gives her take on the painter’s bright, ebullient work.

Untitled (a) by Kindah Khalidy
8"x10" ($24) | 11"x14" ($60) | 16"x20" ($240) | 30"x40" ($2400) 

Untitled (b) by Kindah Khalidy
8"x10" ($24) | 11"x14" ($60) | 16"x20" ($240) | 30"x40" ($2400) 




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New Astronaut Art! The Lights Of New York City April 28 2016

Just when you thought you’d seen every angle of the Big far, far above the sights and skyscrapers with New York City (ISS045-E-066112)!


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New Art! Giberson’s Classic Airstream April 26 2016

Leah Giberson may be a new addition to our artist roster, but she’s already motoring along with her second release. Pull over here to learn more about her latest edition, Trailer Flash.



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New! Earth Art for Earth Day: City Lights Worldwide April 22 2016

We were too excited about Earth Day and today’s out-of-this-world release to keep it from you. Get a little global perspective with our newest Space Edition, City Lights Worldwide.

New Artist, New Art: Meet Leah Giberson April 12 2016

April showers artists! We’re delighted to introduce Leah Giberson, the artist behind today’s release, Floral Shade. This color-packed piece is soaked in suburban nostalgia, reminding us how good it feels to park on the sidelines of a soccer game in the sun, or sit out in the backyard on warm nights, cooling our heels ‘til the stars come out.

Floral Shade by Leah Giberson

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HBD, GIF-Daddy! April 07 2016

To celebrate the 186th birthday of Eadweard Muybridge, we whipped up a special deal and reached out to an expert for his insights on the artist. This weekend only, take 20% off all Muybridge with the code LOCOMOTION. Read on to learn about Muybridge from the mouth of Dennis Keeley, chair of the Photography and Imaging Program at Art Center in Pasadena.

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New Edition! Abbott Captures The Tempo Of The City April 05 2016

Time is a formative element of photography. We talk about “capturing” shots like they’ll get away from us; we create and collect photographs as a way to freeze and suspend a distinct moment that stirs something inside us. But even as more photographs are taken every day, time continues to outpace our images. In Berenice Abbotts Tempo of the City: I. Fifth Avenue and 44th Street, Manhattan, the clock in the foreground stands as an unmissable reminder of impermanence, while calling to mind the few facets that stand the test of time.

Tempo of the City: I. Fifth Avenue and 44th Street, Manhattan. by Berenice Abbott

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New Art Alert: UPSO's Graphic Cardinals #2 March 29 2016

Even on gray spring days, the bright red of these cardinals breaks through and makes us feel majorly chipper. Dustin Amery Hostetler (UPSO) combines these striking scarlet tones with a muted, linear background in his second 20x200 release, Cardinals #2.

Cardinals #2 by Dustin Amery Hostetler (UPSO)

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New Art From Scott Kelly! The Capital Has Never Looked So Cool March 22 2016

From the ridiculous to the inspiring to the downright disturbing, the 24-hour news cycle is trained on every aspect of the 2016 race to the White House. We’re completely captivated, and a new season of House of Cards means we’re dipping our toes in political drama even as we’re tucking them under the covers. When the fighting gets dirty and the talk too intense, we’re trying to rise above—and in the case of today’s new edition, we mean way above.

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New! Caturday Art: Hiroshige’s Furr-ever Companions March 21 2016

“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul”. French polymath Jean Cocteau summed it up purrfectly. Which got us thinking: what represents our personalities better than the animals we keep as companions and the art we choose to surround ourselves with?

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