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Our 5 Favorite Features, from 15 Years of Art

It’s been 15 years since we started bringing art to everyone, and we’re celebrating all month long. This week we took a little trip down memory lane, and combed through some of our press highlights from over the years. There have been loads of fantastic features since our founding in 2007, but—shh, don’t tell anyone—these guys are our favorites.

1. On the wide appeal of 20x200: 
“20x200 is surprisingly seems everyone I mentioned this article to has purchased one of the prints or knows someone who has.” – Art in America

2. On the origin of 20x200:
“I saw how (young, new collectors) had the potential to make a huge impact on this young artist. I just got a taste of how gratifying that process could be.”  – Jen Bekman in The New York Times

3. On the aesthetic of 20x200:
“Bekman has a penchant for the sophisticated yet approachable…” – Domino Magazine

4. On the logic of 20x200:
“You have (art) in your home that becomes attached to a certain part of your life, to your personal history. I don’t believe that only very wealthy people should be allowed to have this experience. There are many people making art who want to sell it. And a lot of people making great art don’t have galleries or any other means to find their markets. Why not connect the people who want it with the people who make it? It is so obvious.”  – Jen Bekman, from an interview by Eric Miles for Foam Magazine

5. On how 20x200 pushes back against art world establishment:
“The art world has, throughout history, created value by scarcity, and one of the ways to create scarcity is to make (art) inaccessible to most people.”  – Jen Bekman on Debbie Millman’s Design Matters