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New! Affordable, adorable + utterly original paintings by J Sanchez 🌈

Jennifer Sanchez's Rainbow Village                                                                                                                                            7"x5"x1.5" ($300) | 10"x8"x1.5" ($475) | 14"x11"x1.5" ($750)

Greetings, collectors! Have we got a treat for you. NYC artist and 20x200 OG Jennifer Sanchez has cooked up a series of chunky, cheery, hand-painted panels just for us: the Rainbow Village. With bold curves and bright color gradients, these “li’l chonks”—as we affectionately call them—are a celebration of practice and process as well as straightup joy-inducing gems. Grab those sunglasses, ‘cause these luminous lovelies are giving us LIGHT. 

With three sizes to choose from, each chunky painting is a member of a vibrant village of hand-painted wood panels. Each a variation on a theme, yet with a personality all its own. As Jennifer puts it: “there’s always a surprise. things never go as planned, and that’s why I like it.” Starting with a sketch, Jennifer’s Rainbow Village takes us on a geometric journey through balance and chaos ending with a multi-tonal topographic map of the wild ride. Dazzling color spectrums fill striated spaces delineated by clean curving boundaries. The smooth transitions are punctuated by thick and thin brushstrokes that blanket the faint original sketch marks peeking through.

Drawing inspo from architecture, diagrams, and just plain life itself, Jennifer tries to create completely based off what catches her eye without reading too much into what prompts the idea. These panels are compact, glee-containing treasures that come ready-to-hang and ready-to-love. Measuring at 1.5 inches deep, they’ll add delightful dimension to any gallery wall and a pop of color to any room. And don’t get us started on their giftability. On the smaller side, they make the perfect present to a budding art collector, small apartment dwelling, or how about Mamabear for the big day coming up? (Note for those with arty moms: get your orders in by April 28th for guaranteed delivery by Mother’s Day!) As with affordably priced originals we've released by artists like Yen HaCaitlin Parker, and Jason Polan in the past, we expect this to go fast.

We’ve long been fans of Jennifer’s eye-popping patterns and striking palettes—since 2007 if you can believe it! So we’re over the moon to present these new originals to our favorite collectors: Y-O-U! Don’t sleep on these stunners, we’ve only got one of each so snap one up while you can!