Wash Your Hands

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by Jessica Hische

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Artist Statement

When thinking about how I could portray the phrase "Wash your hands", the concept that I couldn't shake was to create artwork that felt like beautiful soap bubbles. The lettering is drawn in a loose and "bubbly" style, and the rainbow effect is produced by overlapping three colors to create a wider spectrum—ever since I was a child I've been fascinated with the rainbow effect of soap in sunlight. Letterpress is a favorite medium of mine (I own a Vandercook #4 at my Oakland studio) and I love seeing my work translated onto paper in such a tactile way.

Why We Love It

Wash Your Hands, Soapy Bubbles is more than an artful reminder to clean up your act. Hische’s aim was to create artwork that “felt like beautiful soap bubbles,” and boy did she succeed. Loose, puffy bubble lettering floats at center amid errant spheres. Though the letters spell out “wash your hands,” it’s all one suspended, sudsy collective in the company of those spheres. Where separately encircled letter strokes or the odd round shape overlap, the colors merge, creating a kind of transparency that mimics a real life blob of bubbles. Those overlapping colors also create the rainbow effect that transforms three hues (cyan, yellow, magenta) into a wider spectrum. Ever since she was a kid, Hische has gotten a kick out of the prismatic quality of soap bubbles in the sunlight. Letterpress allows for that awesome layering. Just one of the reasons this artist's a longtime letterpress lover. Another reason? The medium's ability to translate her art onto paper in a terrifically tactile way. These aren’t your average two-dimensional letters, but carefully considered forms with texture, depth, and tons of personality ... Read more on the blog! 


+ These letterpress lettering art prints are custom designs printed on smooth, white Strathmore #110 paper with a special yellow, cyan and magenta Pantone ink mix that’s layered to create a wider spectrum.
+ This is an edition of 500.
+ The paper is sized 7”x5”. The image dimensions are 5”x4” from at the highest point and at the widest point. 
+ All orders for this edition are final sale and not eligible for discount or return.



Strathmore #110 Smooth paper with a special Pantone ink mix

Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische is a lettering artist and author working in Oakland, California. She has had the pleasure of working for clients like Wes Anderson, The United States Postal Service, The New York Times, and Penguin Books, and her work has been featured again and again in design and illustration annuals, both in the US and internationally. She’s been named a Print Magazine New Visual Artist (20 under 30), one of Forbes 30 under 30 in Art and Design, an ADC Young Gun, a “Person to Watch” by GD USA, and an Adweek “Creative 100.” Aside from her illustrious client work, she... Read More
has created numerous side projects including Daily Drop Cap, Should I Work for Free?, Mom This is How Twitter Works, Don’t Fear the Internet, and more recently founded the #riseupshowupunite art movement, inspiring more than 2000 artists to create and share work in support of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the 2020 election. She's the author of two New York Times best-selling children’s books: Tomorrow I’ll be Brave and Tomorrow I’ll be Kind, and the book In Progress, which details her work and process.
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