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Artist - Marvin Rand

Marvin Rand

After serving in the Air Forces as an aerial photographer during World War II, Marvin Rand enrolled at LA’s Art Center College of Design, where he would rub elbows with a group of avant-garde artists and designers, including Saul Bass and Charles and Ray Eames. A few years after graduating, Rand shot the interior of a Pacific Palisades house as a favor for an industrial designer friend, but the images caught the eye of architectural historian and author Ester McCoy. She got them published in a home magazine and kickstarted Rand's architectural photography career in the process.

Over more than five decades, Rand crisscrossed LA, camera in-hand, capturing the architectural creations of Modernist luminaries like Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Kahn, Cesar Pelli, Craig Ellwood, and Frank Gehry. He shot the first meticulous survey of Simon Rodia’s monumental Watts Towers. His extensive documentation of the work of Charles and Henry Greene, and Irving Gill resulted in seminal books. He would become an honorary member of the American Institute of Architects (a rare privilege for a photographer!) and amass an archive of tens of thousands of images that act a compendium of Modernist masterpieces.