Michelle Rial

Michelle Rial was born in Santa Cruz, CA to a Spaniard and a Venezuelan who really loved The Beatles song “Michelle.” She’s worked in media as a writer/illustrator, a photographer, a producer, and a graphic designer. Her chart obsession began while freelancing as a production assistant at NYMag in 2008, but it took her until 2011 to get her first chart published on Glamour.com. Since then, her work has been featured by USA TODAY, Kottke.org, designboom, Fast Company Co.Design, Vox, Vulture, Mental Floss, A.V. Club, and more. In her recent series of “real life charts,” she uses objects in place of lines, and experiences in place of data. She’s currently working on a new collection of charts, graphs, and life questions for Chronicle Books, out in 2019.
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