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by Amanda Michelle

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Artist Statement

This piece that I’ve titled Abundance brings to mind all that we have at our fingertips if we are open to receiving and reciprocating. I enjoy the wild ride of carving into birch plywood; rarely does a design come out as planned. My approach to printmaking and design is simple; I start with shapes and curves that I’m drawn to in the moment. As the images unfold, I develop a story around what appears, tapping into my subconscious; this process is similar to a Rorschach test. I invite others to use these pieces as a sort of oracle, make their own sense of what they see.


+These are original woodblock prints handmade by the artist in Austin, Texas.
+Each print is signed by the artist.
+ All orders for this item are final sale and not eligible for discount or return.


Oil-based ink on cotton paper.

Limited edition of 40.

Amanda Michelle

Amanda Michelle is a printmaker and community organizer in Austin, Texas. She draws from her work in healing and anti-violence community justice and transformation to create visions of curiosity, joy, and belonging. Amanda believes that cultural folklore, spiritual connection to the earth, and our own ancestral teachings show us how to survive and thrive together in a chaotic world.
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