American Mobile Home

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Medium: Innova Fibaprint Warm Cotton Gloss
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Artist Statement


I spotted this RV while driving north on Interstate 5 in San Diego. It took me about 45 minutes to actually locate it as it was parked behind some warehouses along another half dozen RV’s which were somebody’s home—just like this one. Over the last two years I started looking for permanently inhabited RV’s as they kept accumulating right where I live, next to the railroad tracks. They are easy to spot by the chalk marks and dates on their tires, usually in yellow, marked by the city. 72 hours in one spot: after that they get towed.

This RV was different though. The Star Spangled Banner paint-job struck me. It seemed like pride’s last resort, a shield, war paint, a superhero’s cape, something to hold onto in pride-less, hard times. “I am a citizen!”. “I am one of you!”.


Jens Ochlich | See All Editions


I am a German-born photographer who still tries to find the America I once saw on TV as a child. Sometimes I find it, more often what is left of it.

While realistic, my photography is not documentary in nature. My prime photographic influences are Julius Shulman, Stephen Shore, Lewis Baltz and Joel Meyerowitz as well as a childhood exposed to Surrealism and Bauhaus.

Born in West-Germany in 1970, I have been living in California since 2000.