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Plate 211: Great Blue Heron (Final Sale)

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"In my estimation, few of our waders are more interesting than the birds of this family. Their contours and movements are always graceful, if not elegant. Look on the one that stands near the margin of the pure stream:--see his reflection dipping as it were into the smooth water, the bottom of which it might reach had it not to contend with the numerous boughs of those magnificent trees. How calm, how silent, how grand is the scene! The tread of the tall bird himself no one hears, so carefully does he place his foot on the moist ground, cautiously suspending it for awhile at each step of his progress. Now his golden eye glances over the surrounding objects, in surveying which he takes advantage of the full stretch of his graceful neck. Satisfied that no danger is near, he lays his head on his shoulders, allows the feathers of his breast to droop, and patiently awaits the approach of his finned prey. You might imagine what you see to be the statue of a bird, so motionless is it. But now, he moves; he has taken a silent step, and with great care be advances; slowly does he raise his head from his shoulders, and now, what a sudden start! his formidable bill has transfixed a perch, which he beats to death on the ground."

– Birds of America

"It's a balm to be among these living things, knowing that they keep on doing their thing after we’ve gone, no matter where we go and what we get up to and whatever terrible things might be happening elsewhere. And of all the living things we encounter there, it’s the Great Blue Heron that invariably stops us in our tracks. There are (we think) just two of these solitary creatures inhabiting our little stretch of bayfront and coming across one of them feels like the best possible omen for the day ahead. They are so regal, still and ancient-looking, it seems just crazy that they’re out there on the edge of our city, about a mile from our homes in the year 2018, living their quiet bird lives." ... More from Jen Bekman on the blog!

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