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More About This Edition:

More About This Edition:
+ Limited-edition, exclusive to 20x200

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Artist Statement


I painted a cake because I like cake a lot. Actually I like it better without the frosting. People get annoyed at me for that. They say that's crazy, but I say it's not. I like painting food. I spend a lot time beating myself up for painting things I like. I have painted a bunch of cakes already. My thought process used to go this way: I think people are talking about me painting the same over and over and saying how unoriginal I am, so very narcissistic right? Lately though I have been not caring much what other folks think and I know they aren't spending time contemplating why I paint so many cakes, so now I do as I please.


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Originally from Philadelphia, Martha Rich lived the typical, suburban life—until she followed her husband to LA, where, just short of a picket fence and 2.5 children, her average American life unraveled. To cope with divorce, fate led her to a painting class taught by the Clayton Brothers. They persuaded her to quit her human resources job at Universal Studios and become an artist. She graduated with honors from Art Center College of Design, and she obtained an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania. Rich has taught at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Her illustrations have appeared in American Illustration 21-29 and in music videos for Beck and Less Than Jake. A book of her work, Freedom Wigs: Sketchbook Expressionism, was published in 2006 by Murphy Design. She also appears in the documentary film Scribble.08, also produced by Murphy.