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Book Pins

  • $11.00
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With the Book Pins, I'm trying to: 1) capture the essence of a book in less than an inch square, and 2) enable bibliophiles to publicly show their love for a particular story. It's a challenge to distill all the ideas and images a book contains into one tiny picture that gets the idea across in a blink, and I really love trying it. And, I love making it possible for someone to express who they are by showing the books that made them so.

The badge is a hard enamel lapel pin with raised gold-plated outlines. It's about 1 inch tall by 0.75 inches wide, and attaches to your clothing with a black rubber clutch. It ships pinned to a small cardboard plaque in a cellophane envelope.

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Enamel and gold plating with rubber clasps