Ideal Bookshelf Classic Cookbooks Apron

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by Jane Mount

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Artist Statement

Wear your inspiration while you cook. This apron features some of the most classic cookbooks ever, the ones you refer to anytime you need to know how to make a classic dish, including Joy of Cooking, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, How to Cook Everything, and The Food Lab.

Why We Love It

Mount seeks to capture the spirit of each book in her illustrative spines, and this culinary collection is a real recipe for edible inspiration. Her enthusiasm and authenticity is part of what so enamored our founder when they met way back when (Mount’s been a 20x200 artist since the early days). Her Ideal Bookshelf illustrations aren’t just brilliant, colorful ways to commemorate some seriously terrific tome collections—each of the artworks in the series doubles as a carefully curated reading (or cooking!) list...Read more on the blog!


+ 22" wide x 30" high with adjustable neck strap
+ Based on an original painting by Jane Mount
+ All orders for this item are final sale and not eligible for discount or return


High-quality 7.5 ounce cotton twill apron with two pockets

Jane Mount

Jane Mount makes things for people who love books (and illustrates some other stuff here and there). She was born in Atlanta and formed in Manhattan, loves Berlin and now lives in Maui, with her Swiss husband and two cats. In My Ideal Bookshelf (published by Little, Brown in 2012), she illustrated the favorite books of over 100 famous creatives.
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